From glass to automatic: the best soap dispensers for keeping clean

Best soap dispensers

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A soap dispenser is more than just a mere bathroom and kitchen gadget or accessory; it's an essential tool for maintaining hygiene and getting rid of germs. With the increasing awareness of the importance of cleanliness (especially since the global events of COVID-19) soap dispensers have evolved in design, functionality, and technology.

Best soap dispensers at a glance:

Vine Creations Amber Glass Soap Dispenser 2 Pack

Best foam hand soap dispenser

OXO Soap Dispenser, Stainless Steel

Best pump soap dispenser

John Lewis ANYDAY Matt Finish Soap Pump

Best electric soap dispenser

Everlasting Comfort Automatic Soap Dispenser

Plus, it's not just hand wash they can be used for. You could use it in the kitchen and fill it with your favourite eco-friendly cleaning product or purchase a couple to use in the bathroom for your refillable shampoo and conditioner or body wash.

Our handy guide delves into the various types of soap dispensers available, their benefits, and how they contribute to a cleaner, safer environment, both at home or in public places. From pump soap dispensers to hand-free soap dispensers, there are more options than you may initially think of. Plus, there are plenty of stylish designs for bathrooms and kitchens, as well as practical!

Vine Creations Amber Glass Soap Dispenser 2 PackAmazon

Rrp: $32.99

Price: $23.74

If you're after some glass soap dispensers, the Vine Creations Amber Glass multipack is a great option as they're a nice size and look smart. They have a stainless steel pump and a brown glass body and they come with a selection of stickers that you can add to them to remind yourself or guests what the contents is.

Customers say that they are "a good size, lovely colour and look much nicer than plastic." Others were impressed with the durability: "It hasn’t rusted, and I’ve even dropped one of them and it hasn’t broken."


  • Glass and pump are durable, according to users
  • Comes with stickers that say 'dish soap', 'hand soap', 'shampoo', 'conditioner'


  • Have to apply the stickers yourself, which can be fiddly
Material:Glass, stainless steel
Capacity:16 oz/ 473.1 ml
Dimensions:7L x 7W x 22.2H cm

Best foam hand soap dispenser

OXO Soap DispenserAmazon
Price: $24.95
Alternative retailers
Sur La Table$24.95View offer
Walmart$41.99View offer

Kitchenware brand OXO has created this stainless-steel dispenser, which promises no fingerprint marks. It's designed to turn your soap into foam in just a few simple steps — all you need to do is fill the clear window with liquid soap, add water, and give it a shake.

Features such as a non-slip base, soft touchpoint (on the pump), 'MAX FILL' line and one-hand operation make this a well-thought-out soap dispenser. Customers are equally impressed, with one saying: "The quality is great, the pump action is solid and produces a really thick foam. I've had no issues with clogging, and even if I did, the item is easy to break down to clean out any gunk build up." They say, "It holds a good amount of liquid, only needing to be filled every couple of weeks, and the process is quick and easy."


  • Quick and easy process to creat soapy lather
  • Has a clear 'max fill' line (inside the bottle) to prevent overfilling


  • More expensive than other options, but customers say that the quality is worth it
Material:Stainless steel
Dimensions:8.4L x 8.4W x 19.8H cm

Best pump soap dispenser

John Lewis ANYDAY Matt Finish Soap PumpJohn Lewis

Keep it simple with the John Lewis Matt Finish Soap Pump from their ANYDAY staples collection. It utilises a simple pump mechanism and can be refilled by simply unscrewing the lid and pouring a soap of your choice.

Durability is a key factor that customers praised the dispenser for, with one saying that it's "non-breakable, but very tactile and pleasing to the eye". Others say that they bough more than one to use elsewhere in the home.


  • Available in a selection of different block colours
  • Non-slip feet on the base to keep it in place


  • Paint may come off over time (according to a customer)
Material:ABS pump head, resin bottle
Dimensions:H17.5 x Dia.7.5cm

Best electric soap dispenser

Everlasting Comfort Automatic Soap DispenserAmazon
Price: $28.99

This Everlasting Comfort Automatic Soap Dispenser is Amazon's Choice for 'electric soap dispensers' and it seems like customers agree, due to the 5,000+ high ratings. It uses an infrared motion sensor which detects hand movement, before dispensing soap.

You do not need to touch the dispenser to use it (avoiding cross-contamination), making it a more hygienic way to wash your hands or clean the dishes. Customers mentioned that the batteries generally last for months before being replaced and that it holds a lot of soap (500ml). However, this does mean that it is bulkier than options that have smaller capacities.


  • It has 5 adjustable soap output levels
  • Batteries last a long time before needing to be replaced


  • Quite large compared to other dispensers
Dimensions:‎16 x 8 x 18.54 cm

Best hands-free soap dispenser

AIKE Automatic Soap Dispenser USB RechargeableAmazon
Price: $35.00

Available in 'Matte Black' and 'Brushed', this automatic soap dispenser from AIKE has a built-in lithium battery which you charge with USB cable that's included. There are five adjustable volume settings and the exit is specifically designed to prevent drips.

Customers were quick to point out that "the charging port is up high", meaning that the battery compartment shouldn't get wet. They also said that "the charge lasts a long time" and "it is very easy to refill with soap".


  • Rechargeable battery and USB lead are included
  • High charging point (prevents it from getting wet)


  • Some say it dispenses too much soap, even on the lowest setting
Material:Stainless steel (PVC-free)
Capacity:9.5 oz/ 280.949 ml
Dimensions:‎‎12 x 8 x 19 cm

Best refillable soap dispenser

The White Company Marble Soap DispenserThe White Company

Add a touch of spa-like luxury to your bathroom with The White Company Marble Soap Dispenser. Customers say that the "design and colour looks great" and we agree - after all, it has a generous 500ml capacity and a 100% marble exterior.

You can refill it with a soap of your choosing and The White Company have plenty of luxuxry scents to try out.


  • Made from real marble and durable stainless steel
  • Large 500ml capacity


  • Not dishwasher safe - you must wash it buy hand
Material:100 percent marble, stainless steel
Dimensions:H18cm x W7cm

Best kitchen soap dispenser

When it comes to cleaning, Dettol have got it covered, and this includes washing hands. They have this automatic soap dispenser which you attach the included Dettol handwash bottle to. If you run out, Amazon sell the Dettol Handwash Liquid Soap Refill bottles.

The soap itself is made with aloe vera and vitamin E. We think it's best used in the kitchen, as it has disinfecting properties and promises to kill 99.9% of germs, but you could also use it in a bathroom too. As for the hands-free soap dispenser, customers say "it lasts for years" and that their "kids don't waste hand wash" as it only releases a small amount each time.


  • Dettol antibacterial hand soap is included and you can buy refills
  • Compact size, so it should fit in most bathrooms, kitchens etc.


  • A couple of customers say that the model varies to that of the photo
Capacity:250 ml
Dimensions:‎14 x 12.3 x 9.7 cm

Best electric soap dispenser

Looking for an automatic, compact soap dispenser? This option from FAYIBUY comes with an adhesive wall mount, allowing you to install it without drilling any holes (just make sure that it's a flat surface).

It works using an infrared mechanism that reacts to movement. Customers like the digital screen, which gives a reading of the temperature of the room and also indicates which of the three settings the dispenser is currently on.


  • Fast, hands-free dispense rate at 0.25 seconds
  • Works with different liquids (e.g.: soap, shampoo, body wash, hand sanitiser)


  • Some have said that it isn't always reliable in it's dispensing
Dimensions:13L x 6.2W x 13H cm

Types of soap dispensers

Whether you're asking: 'are automatic soap dispensers worth it' or you're unsure which style of dispenser to choose, here's a breakdown of the benefits and drawbacks to each type.

Manual soap dispensers

Manual dispensers require users to press a button or lever to dispense soap. They are simple, reliable, and often more affordable.


  • Cost-effective

  • No need for batteries or electricity

  • Easy to use and maintain


  • Requires physical contact, which may spread germs

Automatic soap dispensers

Automatic or touchless dispensers use sensors to detect hand movement, dispensing soap automatically. These are popular in high-traffic areas for their convenience and hygiene.


  • Hygienic, no-touch operation

  • Modern and convenient

  • Often have adjustable settings for soap quantity


Foam soap dispensers

How do foaming soap dispensers work? We hear you ask. Well, these dispensers are designed specifically for dispensing foamed soap, which is a mix of liquid soap and air. Some designs will require you to add in water and give it a shake to create a foamy liquid.


  • Reduces soap consumption

  • Provides a luxurious handwashing experience

  • Often seen as more hygienic and gentle on the skin


  • Limited to specific soap types

Liquid soap dispensers

These are the most common and can dispense a wide range of liquid soaps, including antibacterial and moisturising varieties.


  • Versatile, works with various liquid soaps

  • Widely available

  • Simple design and operation


  • May use more soap compared to foam dispensers

Key features of soap dispensers to consider


Consider how much soap the dispenser can hold. Larger capacities are better for high-traffic areas to reduce the frequency of refills. Smaller capacities are suitable for personal use and save space.


Common materials include plastic, stainless steel, and glass. Each has its advantages:

  • Plastic: Lightweight, affordable, and available in many designs and colors. However, it may not be as durable.

  • Stainless Steel: Durable, sleek, and resistant to rust and corrosion. It's ideal for modern bathrooms and kitchens.

  • Glass: Stylish and eco-friendly but can be fragile and less practical for high-traffic areas.

Installation method

Soap dispensers can be wall-mounted or countertop:

  • Wall-Mounted: Saves counter space and is ideal for commercial settings or small bathrooms.

  • Countertop: Easy to install and move; suitable for personal and home use; could slot into a sink organiser.

Refill method

Consider how easy it is to refill the dispenser. Some models have a top-fill design, making them easier to refill without dismounting or disassembling.

You could create somehomemade soap and use that, although it would have to be liquid - not a block, of course!

Ease of cleaning

Hygiene is crucial, so choose a dispenser that is easy to clean. Models with removable parts or wide openings are generally easier to maintain.

Style and design

Soap dispensers come in various styles, from sleek and modern to rustic and traditional. Choose a design that complements your bathroom or kitchen decor.

Additional features:

Adjustable soap dispensing

Some dispensers allow you to adjust the amount of soap dispensed, which can help reduce waste.

Battery life (for automatic dispensers)

Consider the battery life and the type of batteries required. Longer battery life means less frequent replacements.

Refill indicators

Some dispensers have a transparent window or an indicator light to show when the soap is running low.

Budget considerations

Soap dispensers are available in a wide range of prices. Manual plastic models can be very affordable, while high-end automatic stainless steel dispensers can be quite expensive. Consider your budget and choose a model that offers the best value for your money.

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