Russell Hobbs Scandi 16in Pedestal Fan

Keep cool in the hottest of months with a powerful fan

Russell Hobbs 16in Scandi pedestal fan will help keep you cool

by Kate Hardy |

How did this product make your life easier?

Easy to put together, this is a very sturdy, effective fan with a heavily weighted flat, circular base which feels solid and stable. The wide 16in fan head pumps out a blast of cooling air and the three power settings ensure you keep cool on the hottest of days.

Russell Hobbs pedestal fan
Looks good, feels good! ©PHOTO: RUSSELL HOBBS

The fan head can oscillate through 90 degrees, moving cool air through any room efficiently and quickly and the wood effect blades are wipeable to keep dust and dirt at bay. Despite its powerful performance, it’s not very noisy – even on the top setting – there's just a constant whirring with no creaking and no annoying rattling sounds.

The head can be tilted so you have control over air flow direction. The head turned easily on its axis, moving smoothly for side to side, pushing out air with a sweeping motion. No sooner has it passed you by, then it's back again with its welcome waft of air!

Adjusting the fan speed and oscillating function
Adjusting fan speed and oscillating function is easy ©Photo: Russell Hobbs

Would you recomend it?

Yes. Its solidity means it is quite heavy so you can't accidentally knock it over - the flat circular base really does give it the edge, but it does make it harder to move from room to room. The good news is, it also comes in a desk model - equally as sturdy - so that may well be the answer for you if you want portability.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

As the adjustable central stem and tilting head means the air reaches all corners, it does the job for me. Who knew a fan could be so effective!

Large wood effect blades push out a powerful blast of air
Large wood effect blades push out a powerful blast of air ©Photo: Russell Hobbs

What changes would you make to this product?

Practical, powerful and aesthetically pleasing, it's a very good price. Just one gripe - the lead is too short and limits your positioning. If you need to use an extension lead to get it where you want, that can present a tripping hazard. A shorter lead is fine for a desk fan but a pedestal needs a bit more flexibility so an extra 1m on the cord would make a great fan even better.

• Up to 2-years guarantee

• Adjustable height

• 90degree oscillation

• 3 fan speeds

• White & oak effect

• 1.5m power cord

• 4 blades


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