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With summer right around the corner, nothing feels better than spending as much time as possible under the sun and an al fresco meal with an assortment of snacks to nibble on and some fresh juice tucked into your favourite picnic basket might just be refreshing break you need. Finding the best picnic blanket that is well-suited to your needs is key to pulling off the picture-perfect picnic you have planned out.

From sandwiches to fruit platters, you might have every intricate detail of your picnic menu thought out. Once the food is taken care of, you might want to look into your options for cutlery, cooler bags and other related picnicware to take your day out up a notch. Now we can help you figure out the right material, aesthetic and utility of something that holds your picnic together because the last thing you need is a picnic blanket malfunction to ruin your summer day out.

Best picnic blankets at a glance:

This is why we have put together a list of options that caters to every unique need - whether you chose a picnic spot that requires a waterproof blanket, you have a big group to take out or you are looking for a cost-efficient product. This list could help you choose the picnic blanket that would catch the eye of the park, look pretty for pictures and keep the party comfortable.

Best waterproof picnic blanket 

Red and white checkered picnic blanket
Price: £11.99

This Pelle & Sol Picnic Blanket featuring the classic red and white checkered print will make your picnic look straight out of a retro photograph. The waterproof and sand-proof finish can make it the perfect option for picnics in parks or beaches. It also features a velcro fastener and handle making it easy to roll back, carry and store. These features also make it a good multi-purpose option which can be used for camping, hiking, treks or music festivals where you might be looking to make maximum use of your storage space and reduce the weight of your luggage. The slip resistant feature would also be beneficial in these environments.

Some reviews say that the material is thinner than expected and is not soft to the touch. This is due to the waterproof coating which gives it a more plastic-based feel. However, the perk is that this makes it easy to wipe down and it is machine washable as well. So if the picnic of your dreams features the timeless gingham picnic blanket, this one is definitely a steal.

Customer review: "Cloth is a bit more plasticky than I anticipated, being closer to a wipe clean than a fluffy weave. This can certainly be seen as a plus considering what it is for though! Does the job either way, and for a good price."


  • Easy to fold with velcro
  • Slip resistant
  • Machine washable


  • Some reviewers say the material feels more like plastic than cloth

Best large picnic blanket

Bohemian print picnic blanket
Price: £25.49

The Larutan Bohemian Style Picnic Blanket is best suited for those who are on the lookout for a blanket that can be enjoyed by a big family or a big group of friends. It is hard to find a blanket that is as big as this one, while also not compromising on quality and design. This is a great find if you are also looking for a large waterproof picnic blanket, making it suitable for beaches, parks and wet surfaces. The waterproof top will take care of any spills by excited kids or drenched pets running onto the blanket. You also won't find yourself struggling to fold all of it back after use as it comes with folding instructions on Amazon and a handle to keep it compact and neat.

Some reviewers felt that the blanket was not able to hold up when used on very wet ground which might make it dirty or cause minor water seepage. But most customers seem happy with it on beaches and wet lawns. It is also not recommended for use on very hard surfaces as there is not enough padding to make seating comfortable. But on the whole, this product is perfect for the size, value for money and waterproof qualities it offers. Available in two unique Bohemian style prints, this blanket can definitely elevate the aesthetic appeal of your picnic while also having enough space to hold lots of food, drinks and your loved ones.

One customer says: "The size is perfect for two or more people to lie down on and have a spread of food out. It could fit four, even six people if needed. The material is actually water resistant/repellent and can ‘boosted’ over time with waterproofing spray. The underside is also waterproof and is easy to clean any dirt off."


  • Extra large blanket which can fit 6-7 people
  • Waterproof
  • Machine washable


  • Not recommended for use after very heavy rain
  • Not padded

Best cheap picnic blanket

The OHS Foldable Picnic Blanket is the perfect option if you are not looking to spend too much while also getting your money's worth in terms of quality and features. With a water-resistant bottom, you can pack this blanket for picnics on parks, lawns or damp surfaces. With a velcro design, this blanket is also easy to fold and handle. However the top is not waterproof which means that you will have to be wary of spills or water while outside. With a classic navy and white striped print that will never go out of trend, this blanket is big enough for two adults to sit on. For its price, the blanket delivers quality features and a timeless print.

Customer review: "I've been looking for a picnic blanket for a while, but I haven't been able to find one I like anywhere. I was so happy to come across this one in my favourite colour. It arrived on time and the fact that it can fold up into itself is a bonus. It is big enough for two people to sit on."


  • Folds into itself with a velcro
  • Water-resistant bottom


  • The top is not waterproof

Best washable picnic blanket

Yellow and white striped picnic blanket
Price: £17.99

If you have always dreaded cleaning or wiping down your picnic blankets after use, then purchase will be the end of your woes. With a bright stripy print that is fitting for summery parks and beaches, this blanket comes with waterproof backing that makes it suitable for your days out on beaches and lawns alike. The soft top makes a comfortable seat for your party and can be maintained clean by simply popping it into the wash as it is compatible with machine washing.

The easy fold format with handles also makes it a hassle-free purchase and leave you unbothered about spills, mess or cleaning. Some reviews warn that the product is slightly heavier than expected and the compact fold could make up for it. But this is something to keep in mind while choosing the best option for you.

One customer said: "Great delivery, well packaged and labelled. Slightly heavier than I was expecting, however, this is because it is a quality product. The backing appears to be superior to other purchases in the past, great size too. Would recommend!"


  • Machine washable
  • Waterproof
  • Comes with large straps making it easily portable


  • Some customers found it slightly heavier than expected

Best lightweight picnic blanket 

Pocket sized foldable picnic blanket
Price: £9.99

If you are on the lookout for a small picnic blanket that can be easily handled, stored compactly and maintained well, look no further. This BeiLan Mini Pocket picnic blanket can be folded into a tiny red pouch and is big enough a small picnic. Its waterproof nature makes it perfect for a variety of uses like keeping food or equipment dry, to sit on wet surfaces during one or two person walks or for small picnics.

The material is also durable and scratch resistant which will keep it looking new and hassle-free to use and maintain. Some reviews say that it is difficult to use during summer as the material is not breathable, but they also state that this is the mark of good waterproofing. It also has triangular pouches stitched onto the corners that can be filled with sand or stones to create weighted corners to brave the British winds.

Customer review: "I was looking for something light that would fit in my bag and this one does actually fold up as small as advertised. When opened, it is more suited for two people sitting on a bench or one person and a picnic. The corners can be weighted as there are small pockets but they aren’t already weighted."


  • Folds into a small pouch that is pocket sized
  • Water-proof, sand-proof, scratch-proof


  • Small size
  • Material is not breathable

Best tartan picnic blanket

Tartan picnic blanket with cover
Price: £103.99

With a warm wool-based top and a waterproof covering, this Tartan Picnic Blanket from Trudy Oliver Textiles is the picture of Scottish elegance. If a classy appeal is as important as comfort to you, then this handmade blanket comes with a set of features that makes it the perfect companion for a day in a park, beach or camping. The waterproof backside and covering protects the material while storing, transporting and using, leaving you carefree about the hassle of cleaning or getting dirt off.

The woollen material is prefect to keep the party warm if the weather is still a bit nippy outside and you are in the mood for a nice day out. But due to this, the top is not waterproof and you might have to be careful not to get the surface too wet. However, maintenance is also easy if it does get dirty as it is machine washable. If you are looking for a product that will remain the highlight of many a picnic, then this blanket that can easily fit your whole group might be the best choice. It will surely keep your picnic party warm, classy and comfortable.

One customer says: "This is a beautiful, well-crafted, piece of waterproof picnic ware, perfect for a permanent place in the van to pull out at a moments notice for an impromptu lunch, dinner or spontaneous sunset viewing. The wool is soft, and the blanket folds up in a way that is very convenient for carrying. I bought it as a gift for someone who makes it a habit of stopping at pretty places. I think she will love it."


  • Waterproof backside
  • Folds easily and comes with handles
  • Machine washable


  • Woollen top is not waterproof

Best beach picnic blanket 

This Get Wavy Picnic Blanket from Dock & Bay will bring an additional splash of colour to your beach day out. The material is perfectly waterproof and you will also be purchasing a sustainable, eco-friendly product that is made from 100% recycled material, thereby making it carbon-neutral. The blanket is also made with ultrasonic quilting technology which makes it a comfortable, lightly padded surface to sit on. It is also key to ensuring its durability and machine washability. 

Your sandy picnics will be much more fun when you are not fretting about keeping the sand and water out of the food and worrying about getting the sand off later. The material is made to simply shake off the sand to get it clean. Available in two sizes, large and extra large, this blanket can hold a big group and all the goodies you packed for the day out. The features seem to justify the slightly high price of this product. With a built-in hole for a beach umbrella as well, your picnic will look postcard worthy with this blanket.

Customer review: "On the expensive side but it will last, it is a good size when folded up to go in the bag and good for my three children and I on the beach. It is very helpful that the sand doesn't stick and it is quick to dry if it gets wet. I am happy with my purchase."


  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Quick-dry
  • Machine washable


  • Bit on the expensive side

Best round picnic blanket 

If you are on the lookout for a round picnic blanket, then the Beau & Elliot Round Picnic Blanket could be the perfect option as it is water-repellant and comes with a strap and handle, making it easily foldable and portable. This option has the most handy features in comparison with other round picnic blankets.

However, this product should be wiped down after every use as it is not machine washable. But the water-resistant surface should make the job easy enough. Another downside is that the website does not feature any customer review so far. But the brand is a reliable one and the features are promising given the specification of the shape. The designs from this brand also coordinates with their other picnicware if you are looking to purchase a matching set of products like picnic baskets, cooler bags and cutlery pouches.


  • Water-repellant
  • Comes with handles
  • Hard-wearing material


  • Wipe-clean only
  • No customer reviews yet

Best padded picnic blanket 

If you prioritise comfort during your picnics, then this Tweedmill Palm Quilted Picnic Blanket from John Lewis could be your best option as it provides a warm and soft surface for seating your party. The cotton material is breathable and healthy for kids and pets to spend lots of time on. It also comes with a waterproof backing making it suitable for use on slightly damp grass, beaches or parks even if the weather is still a bit cold. The quilt padding also makes the product more durable while providing insulation against wet, cold or hard surfaces.

The product is yet to receive its first review, but the brand is trustworthy and the features add up to justify the slightly higher price range. It is also not mentioned whether it is suitable to be machine washed, so this is something to take note of while weighing your options. But overall, this blanket is a good padded option and it really beckons the sunny days with its bright, leaf-prints as well.


  • Folds easily and comes with a shoulder strap
  • Waterproof


  • Not clear if it is machine washable
  • No customer reviews yet

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