NEAT clean review: A sustainable approach to cleaning products

Alleviating plastic waste and reducing water use is NEAT's mission with its approach to cleaning products. We put them to the test.

by Chris Williams |

The continual consumption of cleaning products and containers is a highly unsustainable practice. Many of us want a better alternative but until now it's not been easy to come about. Though, with NEAT, that may no longer be true. In this NEAT cleaning review, we will look at whether this is the answer to all of our cleaning prayers.

NEAT produces cleaning products in a way that cuts out plastic waste and water use. It argues that the large bottles of cleaning solutions being shipped around the world to shop shelves is silly: it wastes water, increases emissions by taking up more space on transport, and produces enormous quantities of plastic waste from containers.

Its solution to these problems is to produce high-quality aluminium spray bottles and small glass containers of concentrate. A 30ml bottle of concentrate gets mixed with tap water in the spray bottle and away you go. The intention is you only buy a spray bottle once and only the little refills each time you run out.

Our NEAT cleaning review:

How did this product make your life easier?

So often we feel like we have to compromise effectiveness to be more sustainable. That's not really the case anymore, especially here. NEAT sprays are as good at cleaning surfaces, bathrooms, and glass as well as any of our preferred, established options. The only difference here is that the NEAT fragrances smell a lot more pleasant and more genuine.

Would you recommend this product?

Yes, the spray bottles are excellent. These aren't flimsy plastic ones like you'd normally get. They are aluminium (with a sturdy, plastic trigger) and come with a silicone sleeve at the base to make sure they remain where you left them and don't slide off a benchtop if knocked.

In terms of aesthetics, they are superb - attractive but subtle. You, therefore, have no qualms about storing them on the counter rather than in a cupboard, which frees up space.

NEAT Multi-Surface Cleaner Refill bottle
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What changes would you make to this product?

Along with convenience, the reason we buy the standard range of cleaning products is that they are cheap. Really cheap. But evidently, that is at the expense of the state of the planet.

So, normally the hitch with these more premium or specialist cleaning products is the price. However, I actually found NEAT quite affordable.

NEAT Starter Kits consist of a spray bottle and refill cost £9. A refill on its own costs £3 and there are several scent options to choose from. Alternatively, you can buy an Essentials Pack (Multi-surface, Glass, and Bathroom cleaners) direct from NEAT.

A refill is mixed with water to give a total volume of 500ml. It, therefore, remains a very affordable option, if not slightly more than what you would normally pay for a bottle of cleaning product. A refill should last you at least a couple of months unless you're a bit of a Rambo when it comes to cleaning.

Verdict: Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

This is the most enticing option we've seen for cleaning products so far. NEAT has cut down on materials, water, and waste but maintained convenience, cleaning effectiveness, and affordability. It is absolutely a system that we should switch to.

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