The best Mills and Boon books

Romance and good old-fashioned drama... what else does a good read need?

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by Eve Miller |

Mills and Boon was founded in 1908 and it's been keeping us reading its romantic fiction masterpieces ever since. From compelling uplifting romance novels to pages filled with content that’s a little raunchier, Mills and Boon books are the perfect read for an instant escape.

There are over 700 new Mills and Boon titles published each year and they all have their own individual charm. With so many options, it can be hard to pick which story might take your fancy, so we've found some of our favourites that we think you’ll love. No need to read between the lines here, these are some of the best Mills and Boon books out there.

How many Mills and Boon books are there?

As previously mentioned, there are hundreds of Mills and Boon books published a year, making its library a very large and varied one. The publisher has 200 authors in the UK and 1,300 more worldwide. A Mills and Boon book is sold every 10 seconds, so thank goodness there are so many titles to get stuck into.

How many Mills and Boon series are there and what are they?

There are seven book series currently being published by Mills and Boon. There’s a romance novel for whatever you want to read within those series. The seven series are...

True love - You'll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll probably feel a little mushy. These books are made to make you believe in love at first sight.

Medical - Think, Grey’s Anatomy but even better because there’s less blood and a lot more lust.

Modern - Fresh, flirty and full of femme fatales. Enjoy exotic locations, seductive heroes and a lot of drama.

Dare - Love stories with sassy and relatable heroines that will keep you on your toes. The stories are sensual but also smart, having you gripped from the first page.

Historical - Go back in time and revel in lavish locations, intense romances and all the charm of a period drama. Don’t blame us if you find yourself fantasising about the regency or medieval period.

Heroes - Enjoy a thrilling story filled with danger and finding love no matter what.

The best Mills and Boon books shortlist:

The best Mills and Boon True love book: Meet me in Hawaii

The best Mills and Boon Medical book: The Midwife’s one-night fling/Baby miracle in the ER

The best Mills and Boon Modern book: The Secret that can’t be hidden.

The best Mills and Boon Dare book: The Pleasure Contract/Bring the Heat.

The best Mills and Boon Historical book: His accidental Countess.

The best Mills and Boon Heroes book: Protecting his Witness/Colton 911: Soldier’s return.

The best Mills and Boon Desire book: The Queen (The Original Sinners)

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