How to use a rice cooker for fluffy rice

Find out how to use your rice cooker to create the perfect rice dish.

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by Emily Thorpe |

Rice is a favourite side dish for many of us, but cooking it isn't always straightforward, which is why people decide to buy a rice cooker to help make the process easier.

We've already told you all about the best rice cookers available to buy but how exactly do you use one?

We've included instructions for two of the most popular rice cookers on the market, but if yours is different to those below, be sure to check the instructions first.

How to use a rice cooker

Russell Hobbs 19750 Rice Cooker and Steamer

  1. Measure the amount of rice you wish to cook using the 180ml measuring cup included with your rice cooker. It is recommended you use 1.5 cups of water per cup of raw rice (using the rice measuring cup provided).
  1. To obtain fluffier, less starchy rice, rinse the rice in a sieve under cold water before cooking. Wash until the water runs clear and add to the inner pot.
  1. Place the inner pot inside the heating body. Rotate it slightly to make sure it is well seated on the heating plate. Ensure rice is spread evenly in the inner pot and not heaped to one side.
  1. Add water in accordance with the quantity of rice being cooked.
  1. Press down the lid cover until it locks into place.
  1. Plug the rice cooker into a wall power outlet and switch it on.
cooked rice
  1. The WARM indicator light will illuminate once the power is turned on. Press the cooking selector lever down and the COOK light will illuminate. The cooking process begins as soon as the light illuminates. The cooking time will depend on the type and amount of rice being cooked.
  1. When cooking is complete, the rice cooker will automatically switch to the On/WARM position. At this time the On/WARM light will illuminate.
  1. Allow the rice to stand in On/WARM mode for 15 minutes with the lid on. Using the rice paddle provided (or any other non-metallic long-handled utensil), scoop and mix well. Allow all steam to escape.
  1. The rice cooker will remain in On/WARM mode until the power is switched off at the outlet. If On/WARM mode is not desired, switch off and disconnect from the wall power outlet.
  1. Using oven mitts or a tea towel, carefully remove the inner pot from the rice cooker and serve your rice.

Yum Asia Panda Mini Rice Cooker

Yum Asia Panda Mini Rice
  1. Measure the rice with the measuring cup provided. Make sure the rice is level to the top of the cup – this is a full cup (180ml) measurement.
  1. Clean the rice (if needed). Place the inner bowl into the appliance, put the rice into the inner bowl and fill to the water line that corresponds to the amount of rice you are cooking.
  1. Close the lid and select the rice setting you want to cook with.
  1. Press ‘START’ and the cooking cycle will begin. A moving pattern that looks like chasing lines comes on the display to indicate Panda is cooking, a countdown will appear in the last 10 minutes.
  1. Once a cooking cycle has finished, the appliance will automatically switch to ‘KEEP WARM’. To cancel ‘KEEP WARM’, press the ‘KEEP WARM’ button again (it doubles as the ‘CANCEL’ button). The appliance will then switch to standby mode.

How to make fluffy rice in a rice cooker

The trick to fluffy rice is to leave your cooked rice to sit undisturbed in its pot with the lid on for between 10-15 minutes. This is because the remaining water can then be absorbed without the risk of overcooking, allowing the rice to cool and firm slightly.

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