How to get foundation out of carpet

How to get foundation out of carpet

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Carpet stains are an inevitable part of life and if you've found yourself in the position where you've accidentally dropped foundation onto your carpet, you'll be wondering the best way to get it out ASAP.

We caught up with cleanfluencer and author of Live, Laugh, Laundry, Laura Mountford for her top five ways how to get foundation out of carpet. We've also included carpet cleaning products so you can pick up anything you need during the process and get your carpet looking as good as new.

How to get foundation out of carpet: 5 ways

Before trying one of these methods, remove as much of the foundation as possible using a spoon to scrape up any excess foundation or a cloth.

Method 1

Mix a few drops of washing up liquid and water in a bowl and use a cloth to rub the mixture onto the stain. Blot the stain working from the outside in so that the stain doesn’t spread out.

Method 2

Dampen a clean microfibre cloth using micellar water. This works wonders to remove make-up from your face and also the carpet!

Method 3

Use Dr Beckmann carpet stain remover. It has a brush attached to the bottle, making it a must-have product for emergency carpet stain situations. Simply rub the brush over the stain and the solution will gradually be applied to the stain to remove it.

Dr. Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover
Price: $16.50

With its powerful oxi formula and built-in brush, the Dr. Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover effectively removes heavy soil and spills. The cleaning brush gets deep into the stain, whilst the special oxi-powered formula also eliminates odours.

Method 4

Use Zoflora carpet stain remover foam. Spray the foam over the stain and leave it to work its magic before wiping using a clean microfibre cloth.

Eliminating odours and leaving carpets feeling soft, this foam is idea for use in high-traffic areas such as carpets, rugs and sofas.

Method 5

If all else fails, then try using a carpet spot-cleaning machine like a Bissell SpotClean or Rug Doctor.

Lightweight and convenient, the Rug Doctor has wheels and a retractable handle for increased manoeuvrability around your home. The motorised brush is a dream for getting rid of stains like foundation and much more.

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