How to clean a burnt pan

Here’s five different methods to help remove stubborn burn marks.

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Whether you forgot to give your food a stir or you stepped away from the hob for a little too long, we’ve all been the culprit of burning a pan, so don’t be disheartened!

Burn marks don’t look attractive on our cookware, but they don’t have to be permanent either, as there are some nifty ways you can get rid of them.

Here are six different ways you can clean a burnt pan, according to Bosch, with items you’ll probably already have in your kitchen cupboard.

How to clean a burnt pan with hot water

A straightforward technique that’s great for deglazing burnt food from the base of your pan.

1. Boil a kettle of water

2. Pop your pan on the stove and turn on the heat

3. When it’s hot enough and sizzling, pour in a splash of the water from the kettle

4. The water will help to loosen the burnt bits in your pan which you can then start scraping away use either a spatula or wooden spoon

How to clean a burnt pan with salt

Salt isn’t only for seasoning your food, but removing stubborn stains too! Here’s how to clean a burnt pan with it:

1. Once your pan has finished cooling, sprinkle a layer of salt in the bottom

2. With a damp sponge, scrub the salt into the affected areas of your pan

3. Rinse away and repeat as needed

How to clean a burnt pan with lemons

You’ve got to love a lemon in the kitchen, as they’re an excellent cleaning agent, thanks to their antibacterial and acidic properties. Also, they smell great too!

1. Chop up 3 to 4 lemons into quarters

2. Pop them into your pan, pour over some water and bring to boil

3. Reduce the heat and allow the lemons and water to simmer for around 10 minutes (you may see some burnt bits float to the top)

4. Discard of the water and lemons and the burnt bits on your pan should wipe away easily

How to clean a burnt pan with baking soda and vinegar

Just like lemons, baking soda is another great cleaning agent. Whether it’s getting rid of tough stains or removing odours from your home, it’s a must-have cleaning product.

1. In equal measure, add water and vinegar to your pan

2. Add two heaped spoons of baking soda (it will fizz up). It should mix to a paste, if not, add a little more baking soda

3. Let it sit for 10 minutes

4. Wash your pan wish washing up liquid as per normal

How to clean a burnt pan with cola

The carbonic acid in cola is brillant for cleaning away stubborn grease and grime.

1. Pour some cola into your pan and leave it to sit for a few hours or overnight

2. Rinse away an clean your pan with washing up liquid as usual

How to clean a burnt pan with a dishwasher tablet

Dishwasher tablets contain enzymes which break down starch and proteins in food, which is why they’re so good at cleaning your dishes.

1. Fill your pan with water and pop it on the stove to heat up a little (don’t boil)

2. Take your pan off the heat and scrape a dishwasher tablet around the burnt areas of your pan until the tablet has completely dissolved

3. Rise and wash with warm soapy water

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