Homemade cleaning products: 9 hacks for DIY cleaning recipes

How to keep your house sparkling when the cleaning aisle is empty


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What’s the one thing we’ve all be doing A LOT of since being stuck at home?

No, not baking our own cookies (although that too) – it’s cleaning.

And with store bought products often unavailable due to continuing panic buying, we’ll take whatever we can get and a homemade cleaning recipe has saved our bacon more than once.

Here’s some of the best homemade cleaning product recipes and our top hacks for how and when to use them. With these recipes, why not store them in an old shop bought spray bottle so they're just as easy to use?

1. Homemade washing up liquid

• 3 tbsp liquid Castile soap

• 2 cups warm water

• 2 tsp glycerine

• 2 tbsp white vinegar

• 10 drops lavender essential oil

2. Homemade glass/window cleaner

• 2 cups water

• 1/2 cup white or cider vinegar

• 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol 70% concentration1 to 2 drops of orange essential oil for smell (optional)

3. Homemade microwave cleaner

No need to scrub awkwardly at the inside of your microwave with this handy trick. Mix up a small amount of table vinegar and the juice of one lemon, pop it in the microwave and switch it on for 2 minutes. Then, simply wipe down the inside with a damp cloth and dirt and grime will come away easily.

4. Homemade air freshener

• 3/4 cup water

• 2 tablespoons vodka or rubbing alcohol

• 10 drops wild orange essential oil

• 8 drops peppermint essential oil

5. Homemade furniture polish

• 1/4 cup white vinegar

• 3/4 cup olive oil

• juice of half a lemon

6. Homemade drain cleaner

You can clear out even the cloggiest of drains using DIY solutions. Start by pouring a healthy dose of bicarbonate of soda into your plughole, followed by a good slug of white vinegar, and leave the chemical reactions to work their magic. Then, after about 20 minutes, pour some boiling water from the kettle down there.

7. Homemade oven cleaner (this one is multipurpose!)

• 3 tbsp. baking soda

• 1 tbsp. hydrogen peroxide

• 1 tbsp. washing up liquid

Tip: Remember to rub gently when cleaning stainless steel appliances and use a microfibre cloth

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8. Homemade all purpose sanitiser spray

• 1/2 cup vinegar

• 1/4 cup bicarbonate of soda

• 2 litres water

• 20 - 30 drops of natural tea tree oil

9. Homemade washing detergent

One word: soapnuts! Ok, it's actually two words. But did you know some nuts (including chestnuts) contain a chemical called saponin which act as a natural detergent and can get your clothes laundry day fresh. There are multiple ways to use them - either put a handful of nuts in a fabric pouch and pop into your washing load, grind them up or boil them down into a solution.

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