The best Morphy Richards deals available right now

From vacuums to kettles and air fryers, Morphy Richards has an incredible array of top-tier tech at unbeatable prices.

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Morphy Richards is one of the finest tech manufacturers in the UK, designing appliances that are reliable, refined and sustainable. It has a range of fantastic products, some you'll rely on every day, and others you'll use on special occasions. With the best Morphy Richards deals, you're getting the most for your money while helping to reduce tech waste.

Are you looking to kit out your kitchen with some incredible gadgets? We've got a great range of kitchen appliances that are perfect for sorting out the lunch time rush.

Where to find the best Morphy Richards sales?

Amazon has a terrific array of products from Morphy Richards that can be delivered straight to your door, so don't worry about being without a cuppa for long. You can also find these electrical appliances sold at high street stores like John Lewis & Partners, Argos, Next, Currys and Lakeland.

What is Morphy Richards?

Morphy Richards is a British tech company founded in 1936 by Donal Morphy and Charles Richards. Together, they founded a brand focused primarily on delivering high-quality, ergonomic and functional products at affordable prices.

What products does Morphy Richards make?

Morphy Richards is probably known best for its kitchen appliances, from saucepans, kettles, toasters, cutlery, blenders, and more. But they also make an array of around-the-house products, such as vacuums, and irons, which tend to be designed with function in mind, so they're lightweight, powerful and durable.

Alongside the broader essential appliances, they make some gadgets that aren't exactly necessities, but they are worth it, in our opinion. These range from bread-makers to stand mixers, which are perfect for creating authentic, delicious recipes without hassle.

Best Morphy Richards deals

We've picked a range of incredible deals on appliances that are bound to bring some excitement to your home this year. From toasters, kettles, knives, saucepans, and more, we've compiled some incredibly high-rated products by Morphy Richards that are at a substantial discount right now.


Contents: five piece set, three 16/18/20 cm saucepans, 14 cm milk pan, 24cm frying pan

Material: polished stainless steel

Guarantee: 10 years

Additional features: induction technology, Thermocore technology


Induction stovetops are becoming an increasingly popular trend in homes around the UK. They're quick to heat up, and are safer than your traditional gas stovetop. Morphy Richards' induction pans are the pinnacle of saucepans. Made of thick, durable stainless steel and 'Thermocore' technology, heat is distributed more evenly than ever before.

For its incredible price, you get five perfect pans that'll last for years to come. And don't worry, if you don't have an induction stovetop, you can use these even on a gas stove, with no problems whatsoever.


"Really great set of pans for the price. Works brilliant on the induction hob. They are great quality."


Contents: one large 1.5L capacity kettle, One 2-slice toaster

Material: plastic

Guarantee: one year

Additional features: Rapid boil, textured "dune" design


Toasters and kettles are a necessity in most households, especially in the UK, and this matching pair will make a fantastic addition to your home.

Available in a variety of colours, although our favourite is the cornflower blue model, Morphy Richards has brought their A game to these appliances, offering top quality, top aesthetic, and great value all in one.

The Dune kettle is rapid boiling, with an impressive 1.5L capacity, so forget about leaving anyone out of tea time.

And despite the toaster being a 2-slice model, it's still incredibly speedy and has an array of programmes for defrosting, re-heating, and more.

We've also got a great range of Russell Hobbs kettles for every household, at every budget.


"Love the colour! Looks great and would recommend it, I even ended up getting the toaster to match and it’s not to much adds a nice subtle tone to my kitchen."


Contents: 6.5L easy time slow cooker

Material: aluminium

Guarantee: one year

Additional features: 12 hour timer, heat adjustment, can use stock pot on stovetop


If, like us, you love a delicious stew but don't have time to babysit a stockpot for several hours, then you'll adore this top-of-the-line slow cooker from Morphy Richards.

With up to 12 hours of slow-cooking available, you can rest assured that you'll have the most delicious soups and stews possible with this slow cooker.

Our favourite feature, however, is the whopping 6.5L capacity, which means that whatever you're cooking, there will be plenty for everyone.

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"I’ve had this over a month now and so far it’s been great, the timer is really good and has a visual display of green dots showing you how long you have left. Oh and the main selling point for this is the actual pot is Hob safe, so you can sear your meat in it on the hob so no getting out the frying pan giving yourself extra washing up, always a huge bonus."


Contents: one cordless black iron and charging port.

Material: plastic and ceramic

Guarantee: three years

Additional features: cordless charging, rapid charging, automatic temperature adjustment


A cordless iron? Yes, you read that correctly. This brilliant, innovative iron is the height of convenience. With Morphy Richards' rapid, easy charge tech, this cordless iron is ready to use again in just 25 seconds - no waiting for creaseless clothes!

This iron is packed with technological goodies that are easy to use. It's one of the best irons available, so say goodbye to snagging that annoying cable and get some hassle-free ironing sorted.

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"Loved the ease of use and, being cordless, you’re not hampered by a cord that won’t reach. My ironing board is upstairs, but rather than having to go upstairs to iron small items, which makes up most of my ironing, I can simply iron on the bed. So quick and easy. Heats up quickly. So far, no negatives."


Contents: five piece knife set; a bread knife, chef knife, slicing knife, utility knife, and paring knife

Material: polished stainless steel

Guarantee: five years

Additional features: steel knife block


Good knives are essential in the kitchen. They lighten the load of cooking for a family, and they're important for getting that fine chop for sauces. Above all, they're safer to use than your old, blunt knife, which is past its prime.

This set of five stainless steel knives is an absolute kitchen essential, and with a great deal from Morphy Richards, they're a no-brainer. Not to mention their incredible brushed steel aesthetic that's certain to impress the family.

And, as a deal sweetener, Morphy Richards has a one-year guarantee on the knives. Keep on cooking - stress-free.


"We didn't expect anything fancy from this set of knives, by any means - we just ordered a cheap set to keep out the caravan! But both of us are pleasantly surprised by the quality of these knives! They're comfortable to hold and really sharp - they glide through [whatever it is you're cutting] with ease!"

Looking for some incredible recipes for your brand-new slow cooker?

Here are some incredibly tasty beef recipes to treat yourself to, some of which you can absolutely use your Morphy Richards' slow-cooker with, stress-free.

Are there any other well-known British kitchen appliance manufacturers?

When thinking of British manufacturers of kitchen appliances, two companies usually come to mind; Morphy Richards, and Russell Hobbs.

Much like Morphy Richards, Russell Hobbs produce some luxury kitchen appliances that are unmatched in quality. Russell Hobbs, however, do a wider range of products, from pans and kettles, to air purifiers and fans.

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