How to make a cushion door draught excluder

Step by step instructions, and where to buy ready made ones to keep your home cosy

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Door draught excluders are a great way to keep the warm air in, and the cold air out of your house.

Make your own draught excluder cushion with our easy instructions.

Benefits of using a draught excluder

Using a draught excluder has a lot of benefits, not only will it keep your energy bills down and keep you warmer, they also help to keep insects out of your room, and prevent damp as rooms are kept at a more consistent temperature rather than fluctuating.

There are lots of different types, including draught excluder cushions that lie in front of your door, or fit under the door frame - handy for doors that get a fair amount of use, to draught excluder tape and brush strips.

How to make a cushion draught excluder

You will need

  1. A sewing machine/sewing kit.
  1. 2 x fat quarter pieces of fabric, a little longer than the length of your door. Cotton works well, but you can use thicker fabrics such as linen if you prefer - these will be harder to sew by hand so if you're a beginner or haven't got a sewing machine, stick with cotton.
  1. Wadding
  1. Buttons and ribbon to decorate
  1. An iron


Step 1: Take the 2 x fat quarter pieces and lay them with the right sides together (the sides that will become the outside of your draught excluder).

Step 2: Pin along shorter line and sew, creating one extra long piece.

Step 3: Iron the seam flat.

Step 4: Fold in half lengthways, and again. Cut a curved edge on both shorter sides. Fold out so it is just in half once lengthways again.

Step 5: Cut 2 x lengths of ribbon.

Step 6: Fold in half and slide into the middle of each curve with the loop inside on the right side of the fabric, and the ends sticking out of the wrong side. Pin all in place.

Step 7: Sew the whole way around leaving a 6cm gap near the join in the middle of the long length.

Step 8: Cut notches around the curves.

Step 9: Turn through and iron nice and flat.

Step 10: Open your bag of wadding and tear it up so that you can have some fun stuffing it into the tube / draught excluder… so go ahead! Making sure you get it to the ends first and then disperse.

Step 11: Once you are happy with the stuffing amount take your hand-sewing needle and thread and sew up the hole.

Step 12: It’s time to embellish! Get creative with the buttons and ribbon, you could make the buttons eyes and the ribbon a tongue! It's also a handy loop for hanging up when not in use.

Craft from Hobbycraft

If you'd rather buy one than make your own, there are lots of options available, here's our pick of the best on the market.

Best draught excluders to buy

The Magic Toy Shop
Price: £9.99


This cute draught excluder comes in a range of animals, including dogs, cats and sheep, in lots of

Comfy Nights Plain Dyed Fabric Draught Excluder
Price: £6.99


At only £6.99 this is a great budget option that still works great to keep the cold air out.

Izabela Peters Luxurious Draught Excluder
Price: £24.99


Keep warm in style with a luxurious draught excluder from The "Phillips Park" Collection. Made

2x Door Draft Stopper
Price: £15.99


With a draft stopper for the door, you can easily and effectively avoid draft, insulate the cold,


Who doesn't love a sausage dog! Can you feel a draught? Not with Don the Dachshund! Practical, and

Stormguard brush door strip
Price: £9.22


This is a great option for garage doors as well as house doors. It comes in a range of lengths,

Seal foam draught excluder tape
Price: £8.99 (12x6mm, 8m long)


If you're looking for something that will help stop draughts around windows or sliding doors, this

If it's your chimney that's causing you draught issues rather than your doors, did you know you can also buy chimney draught excluders, like the one below:

Chimney Sheep Chimney Draught Excluder
Price: £29.99


Having an open chimney is like leaving a window open all the time. We don't always notice the warm

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