9 of the best clothes rails that are essential for your spare room

Find out where to buy the best clothes rails online.

Best clothes rails: Armchair And Hanging Clothes In The Dressing Room

by Lily Anderson |

Redecorating? It's time to swap your vacuum-packed storage bags for a chic alternative. This is why, at Yours, we've rounded up the best clothes rails that are essential for keeping your clothes neat and tidy.

Clothes rails are one of the best ways to display your favourite dresses, coats and scarves, as well as keep them protected.

Your kids have flown the nest, and it's about time you transform your second bedroom into a space that you can enjoy.

Always wanted a walk-in wardrobe? Well, clothes dresser rails are the budget-friendly way to achieve it.

But first... Do you want to buy more comfortable outfits? Discover the best loungewear for women right now.

We've rounded up our favourites on the internet.

The best clothes rails to tidy your wardrobe 2022

If you love accessories, then we've found a clothes rail for you. It has plenty of room to hang a few dresses, but what we like the most is the shelf space to home all your bags. You can purchase this rail in white or black.

Dimensions: 153 x 152 x 45cm

Features: Stylish, Lots of Storage Space, Load Capacity up to 25kg

Who wouldn't want a chic copper rail in their room? This rose gold number should be in every fashionista's shopping basket and wish list. We know it's in ours!

Dimensions: 145 x 100 x 30cm

Features: Each rack is made to order, Design is gorgeous, Takes seconds to assemble

Are you obsessed with the Hugin Freestanding Mirror & Clothes Rail, already? Because we certainly are. OK, so it isn't the most practical storage solution, but it's a fabulous place to store your outfit for the next day.

Dimensions: 158 x 79 x 46cm

Features: Statement Piece & Functional

Minimal and stripped back is totally in right now. Thanks to this stunning Habitat piece from Argos, you can incorporate your wardrobe into your space.

Dimensions: 150 x 100 x 45cm

Features: Shoe Storage, Simple Design, One-Year Guarantee

The perfect place to hang your elegant winter coats, the SONGMICS New Garment Clothes Rail is all about design. If you're searching for a piece that'll coordinate with your cream bedroom furniture, you're looking at it.

Dimensions: 173 x 90 x 44.5cm

Features: Easy to Assemble, Room for Storage Boxes, Waterproof, Rust Resistant

Are you currently using your bedroom as an office? We're with you there. A portable clothes rail is handy because it can be moved in and out of a room as you need it. Plus, it can look stylish behind you on your daily Zoom catch up call with the team.

Dimensions: 88.9 x 43.9 x 179.1 cm

Features: Strong, Shelf Space, Portable

Why settle for one clothes rail, when you can get two in one? Available in white or black, this simplistic number will coordinate with your home decor.

Dimensions: 110 x 50 x 153cm

Features: Shoe Storage, Extra Space, Easy to Build

Do you need somewhere to put your old garments before donating them to charity? This budget-friendly option is a good way to store clothes in the meantime.

Dimensions: 81 x 42 x 160cm

Features: Cheap, Easy to Assemble, Available in Pink or Silver

Instead of opting for a cheap plastic option, spend a little more on this eco-friendly bamboo clothes rack. Not only is it great for the planet, but it'll look exceptional in your world, too.

Dimensions: 152 x 90 x 42.5cm

Features: Sturdy, Easy to Assemble, Made from High-Quality Bamboo

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