Mac Allister electric garden vac review


by Bauer Xcel |

On testing we found this garden vac very easy, effective and reasonably priced

Yours Verdict

Product: B&Q Mac Allister electric garden vac 3000w

Leaf blower & vac 3 in 1

Price: £54.00

Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

What it says it does...

The leaf blower & vac 3 in 1 will banish leaves from your garden, patio, decking & driveway. It will clear up to 50L worth of dirt & debris. It has 3 functions - Blowing, suction & mulching.

What our tester said...

"The assembling of the product was not that straight forward at first, but eventually got it put together. Aligning the parts to click them together was the tricky bit. Once it was all connected I set about using it.

The vac is very light so I didn't need to use the shoulder strap included. I found it very easy to use & easy to switch between functions and the power controls also. The instructions advise not to fill the bag up completely. You can tell when it is getting full by the weight of the bag and the way it puffs out. It holds a large amount of leaves, so there's no need to keep emptying the bag whilst going round.

It also advises not to use the vac over nails, screws or large stones. I did use it to remove leaves from the gravel drive, but set the power to low whilst doing this and this avoided the vac picking up any gravel.

It only blocked up once and that was because I had pointed it over too many wet leaves. It works better on dryer leaves, but if you do have wet leaves, then try to do a few at a time, rather than large amounts to avoid it blocking.

It is quite a large item, but if you store it upright in your shed or garage it doesn’t take up that much room at all."

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