How to choose flowers for birthdays according to their meaning and month of birth


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A Birth Flower for each Month: Symbolism and Meaning

No matter how old we become, birthdays will always remain joyous occasions to express love and heartfelt wishes. When words are just not enough to convey the depth of your emotions, look to the language of flowers, which adds an enchanting touch to any celebration. Even if you’re short on time, next-day flower delivery in London will help you demonstrate how much you care. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the most popular flowers for each birth month and their unique symbolism.

How Different Flowers Carry Symbolic Meaning

Since time immemorial, floral arrangements have been used to communicate between people. With the power to convey emotions, desires, and even blessings, the flower language is an ideal instrument for almost any event. If you understand the symbolic meanings associated with different flowers, selecting the perfect bloom to reflect the recipient's personality, desires, or wishes becomes a piece of cake.

Understanding Flower Symbolism

From the passionate red rose to the serene white lily, each flower holds significance and conveys a distinct message. So, let’s delve into the realm of flower symbolism to unlock the hidden meanings and find the perfect bloom for your loved ones.

A Flower for Each Month of the Year


The symbol of January is the spirited carnation, which represents love, fascination, and uniqueness. Available in various hues, these flowers are an amazing gift for anyone born in the first month of the year, able to denote their distinct character and warm attitude.


February is coupled with the tender violet, which means loyalty, faithfulness, and modesty. Its delicate petals and enchanting fragrance make it an exquisite messenger for displaying affection or devotedness.

Yellow Daffodil

March brings forth the vibrant yellow daffodil, a token of rebirth, new beginnings, and unrequited love. Its sunny appearance will bring warmth and joy to any birthday celebration, demonstrating your good wishes.


Chamomile (Daisy)

As a spring flower, the daisy also represents the new things in life, purity, and happiness. Its gentle blooms are best suited for people born in April, so don’t forget to bring a daisy bouquet to the birthday festivities.

Lily of the Valley

In May, the elegant lily of the valley begins to bloom. This flower is best known as a representation of purity, humility, and innocence, which is why it’s also frequently used in wedding arrangements. If you were born in May or are getting married in May, lily-of-the-valley’s delicate bells are a must-have for you.



June is the time of the majestic delphinium, which is associated with goodwill, dignity, and positivity. These towering blossoms will add a touch of elegance to a bouquet for anyone born in June.


When it comes to gladiolus, it’s best described with the words ‘strength’, ‘integrity’, and ‘sincerity’. Its striking appearance and vibrant colours make it a bold statement of admiration, ideal to present to those who were born in July.


When choosing a bouquet for someone whose birth month is August, there’s nothing more fitting than the delightful aster, a symbol of affection, patience, and elegance. These charming blooms exude a sense of mystery and grace, bound to delight the birthday boy or girl on their big day.



September is the prime time for the cheerful calendula, which speaks of joy, gratitude, and protection. Its vibrant hues mirror the warmth and love expressed by people born in September, making them perfect for birthday celebrations.


The radiant chrysanthemum is the flower of October, cherished for its meanings of love, friendship, and optimism. These resilient blooms will remind your loved ones of the beauty found in autumn.


White Narcissus

Reminiscent of the first snow, the pristine white narcissus is the flower of November. Representing rebirth, hope, and renewal, this delicate variety is the perfect choice for anyone starting a new year of their life.


December is the month of the flamboyant floribunda rose, a token of abundance, celebration, and joy. Its vibrant petals and intoxicating scent encapsulate the spirit of the holiday season, an unrivalled match for people born in the last month of the year.

Popular Birthday Flowers and What They Mean

While each month has its own designated flower, there are well-recognised birthday flowers that can be presented any time of year. For example, the diverse colours of the timeless rose are the pick of the bunch when you need to express love and affection. If you’re looking to denote someone’s grace, luxury, and strength, consider the enchanting orchid. Finally, the ultimate choice for birthdays is the cheerful sunflower, which stands for loyalty, adoration, and happiness. These perennial favourites are bound to make any birthday celebration an unforgettable event for your loved ones.


What do roses symbolise when it comes to birthdays?

When given on a birthday, roses speak of love, affection, and beauty. They are a classic choice that conveys deep emotions and can be given to express romantic love or to show appreciation and admiration.

What flowers mean happiness?

Sunflowers are most associated with happiness due to their bright and cheerful appearance. They symbolise warmth, positivity, and joy. Other flowers that symbolise happiness include daisies, gerberas, and lilies.

Should I buy myself flowers for my birthday?

Absolutely! Treating yourself to a lush bouquet on your birthday is a wonderful way to celebrate a huge milestone. A fresh arrangement can brighten your space, uplift your mood, and serve as a reminder to appreciate yourself on your special day.

How many flowers do you give for a birthday?

There is no fixed rule, but typically, a bouquet of 10 to 12 flowers is considered a generous and meaningful gift. Ultimately, it's the thought and sentiment behind the gesture that matter most.

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