Queen Elizabeth’s favourite accessories

We take a look at some of the Queen's favourite fashion accessories and jewellery that have stood the test of time.

The Queen's fashion and jewellery

by Katharine Wootton |

From the block colour twin-piece suits to the dazzling gowns, we’ve long been fans of the Queen’s wonderful wardrobe. But with every iconic outfit, what might not be quite so obvious are the carefully selected accessories she matches with it to complete her look.

Some of these accessories have been fashion friends to the Queen for many decades, while others carry a special and symbolic meaning.

Queen's earrings

While the Queen has the entire royal collection of jewellery at her fingertips, she goes back time and again to her trusty pearl earrings. Simple yet sophisticated, there is one particular pair gifted to her in 1947 by her grandmother, Queen Mary, that have accompanied her all around the world and to countless royal weddings, christenings and engagements.

Queen's umbrella
©Getty/Max Mumby/Indigo

Like her outfits, the Queen’s umbrellas always have a splash of colour as well as a clear dome so she can be easily seen. She favours the birdcage-style umbrellas from Fulton, which earned a royal warrant in 2008, and it’s thought Her Majesty has more than a hundred umbrellas in a whole rainbow of colours!

Queen's brooch

The Queen’s jewellery collection is among the most impressive in the world in terms of beauty and value, but some of her most prized possessions in that collection are her brooches, often gifted to her or commissioned for special occasions. This chrysanthemum brooch, made with sapphires and diamonds set in platinum is one of her most treasured.

Queen's headscarf

The silk headscarf has complemented some of the Queen’s best casual looks at outdoor events over the years, especially at the Royal Windsor Horse Show. Her love for pretty, classically elegant scarves dates back as far as the Forties. Her sister Princess Margaret was also a fan.

Queens gloves

Well before the pandemic the Queen was mindful of the passing of germs between hands, so understandably favours a pair of gloves for public duties when she has to shake a lot of hands. Cornelia James is the manufacturer behind the Queen’s official royal gloves which are typically made of either pure cotton with a brushed suede finish, or a lighter Swiss jersey, and which must be practical yet stylish.

Queen's shoes
©Getty/ Max Mumby/Indigo

Shiny patent leather shoes complete the Queen’s best outfits as well as keeping her comfortable when in the past she may have had to stand for hours at a time.

Made bespoke for Her Majesty’s size 4 feet, with a 21/2 inch heel, the Queen will often wear the same pair for many years, even reheeling them when they wear out rather than buying a new pair. But when she does have to invest, a team of four staff at Buckingham Palace reportedly nicknamed ‘Cinders’ help wear in her new shoes for her!

Queen's handbag

Launer handbags have long been on Her Majesty’s arm as a pivotal part of her dress code. It’s widely known that the Queen uses her bags to send signals to her staff, moving her bag from left arm to right when she wants to wrap the conversation up and placing it on the floor if she wants to be rescued immediately.

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