Proviz REFLECT360 Women’s Outdoor Fleece-Lined Jacket review

Find out what our reviewer thought of the Proviz REFLECT360 Women's Outdoor Fleece-Lined Jacket

Proviz REFLECT360 jacket

by Michelle Nightingale |

What they say…

Staying safe on the roads on the dull days and long, dark winter evenings should not have to mean a compromise on comfort. Our REFLECT360 Outdoor jacket features a full micro-fleece lining for extra warmth and comfort plus 100% reflective outer-shell.

What our reviewer thought…

If you’re an early morning or late afternoon dog walker, runner or cycling fanatic then you’ll understand the importance of staying safe and being seen. This new jacket from Proviz provides very bright high-vis features, without compromising on style and comfort – and it isn’t bright yellow!

Cleverly utilising tiny highly reflective glass beads, it looks grey in daylight, but shines brightly when caught in vehicle headlights. When I say bright, I mean bright! You won’t be missed wearing this jacket during those twilight hours!

Proviz REFLECT360 womens jacket

It’s also 100 per cent waterproof and has taped inner seams to ensure driving rain stays out, plus the fleece lining makes it cosy and comfortable. I wouldn’t say it’s a jacket for extreme freezing temperatures, but then it’s designed to be warm when you’re being active. I found it plenty warm enough for a brisk dog walk. It also has nice features like an adjustable waist to give a snugger fit, plus adjustable cuffs and easy use zip pulls. It’s machine washable at 30C and any mud can easily be wiped off. I found mine true to size, although it’s disappointing that it only goes up to a size 18.

Our verdict…

The price is pretty steep, but the safety features are so impressive and the quality feels good, so I do think it’s good value.

Available from, rrp £119.99

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