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mastectomy swimsuits

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While you of course want to look fabulous, if you've previously had a mastectomy, your requirements for swimwear will be a little bit different from someone who hasn't. That's why you'll want a specific mastectomy swimsuit.

Annik Reding from Nicola Jane, the mastectomy and post-surgery bra specialists, explains more.

What is a mastectomy swimsuit?

A mastectomy swimsuit looks exactly the same as any other regular swimsuit does, with a few added details to make it suitable for a woman that has gone through breast cancer and breast surgery. All swimsuits have hidden pockets to accommodate a breast form and higher necklines to cover possible scarring.

How do mastectomy swimsuits differ from normal ones?

Mastectomy swimwear is designed from the ground up for post-surgery wear. Each swimwear style features discreet, elasticated pockets to hold a breast form securely. This allows women to feel confident that the breast form will stay in place, even during activity. If the pocket is not needed, it will fold back and act as an additional lining.

There is also a range of different neckline options available, to offer the best coverage for each woman and body type. Higher neckline options are perfect for ladies that require a little more coverage to hide any scarring or indentation from the surgery or radiotherapy.

All styles also feature integrated soft bust cups to help provide an even and smooth shape. This can cover any subtle differences between the breast form and the natural side.

What should I look for in a mastectomy swimsuit?

A mastectomy swimsuit should always have integrated pockets to securely hold a breast form, if you are wearing a breast form of course. The neckline is also important, as a lot of ladies prefer to choose a swimsuit or bikini that has a higher neckline to give a little more coverage, but there are also V-Neck options that are less high cut. It is important to choose something that you feel comfortable with!

At Nicola Jane, we also offer a range of swimsuits and tankinis that include a tummy control lining, to smoothen and even out the tummy area. This is often a great, confident-boosting option for ladies that have had a breast reconstruction with skin taken from that area.

If you are a regular swimmer, it is important to look out for a chlorine resistant style as these swimsuits are designed to withstand the damaging effects of chlorine and saltwater for longer.

When can I start wearing a swimsuit after a mastectomy?

You can start wearing a swimsuit after a mastectomy as soon as your wounds from the surgery are starting to heal up.

We always advise to wear a softie or lightweight breast form for the first 6-8 weeks, to give the body time to heal before wearing a silicone or beaded breast form. It is therefore important to give yourself this time to recover before you are trying on a breast form that is suitable for swimming.

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