Berghaus Hillwalker jacket review


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Berghaus Hillwalker jacket


★★★★★ (5/5)

What they say…

The Hillwalker and Hillwalker Long jackets are the latest extensions to the Berghaus GORE-TEX range, offering premium performance waterproof jackets at accessible prices. Made out of waterproof and breathable fabric with a durable ripstop nylon face.

What our reviewer thought…

Straight away I was impressed with how smart this jacket is. Being black, it instantly looks chic – something I wouldn’t normally say about a waterproof jacket. I even wore it to work a few times, when my usual mac wasn’t waterproof enough.

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It’s really light too and very comfortable to wear. Made from two-layer GORE-TEX and with durable tear resistant fabric, it’s designed for walking and hiking. I do walk a lot with my dog and also have two horses, so I’m constantly outside in all elements. This time of year, my normal coat is far too hot, but while it’s warmer it isn’t always drier! This jacket is 100 per cent waterproof and thanks to the turbulent weather we’ve enjoyed over the past few days, I’ve had an opportunity to test it thoroughly! Even in heavy downpours it hasn’t leaked once and the breathable fabric is great at keeping you cool on humid days. I was also impressed at how well it keeps out the wind.

Of course, I’d prefer not to wear a waterproof in June, but with our wonderfully unpredictable British weather this is the perfect lightweight jacket for spring and summer.

Available in black and purple, sizes 8-20.

It also comes in a slightly longer style, which is priced at £170.

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