Claire Williams

How to make a macrame plant hanger

Claire Williams
How to make a macrame plant hanger

Use simple knots to create a stylish rope hanger for indoor plants

Step 1: Cut your rope

Begin by cutting two pieces of polycotton sash cord, both 80cm in length.

Step 2: Decide where you would like your plant hanger and measure accordingly

Decide how long you’d like your plant pot hanger to be. Double this length and cut four pieces of rope to this length. 

Step 3: Add the curtain rings

Thread a curtain ring onto the ropes so that it sits in the middle of the lengths.

Step 4: Tie your rope

Tie an 80cm piece of rope into a gathering wrap knot around all 8 pieces of rope, just underneath the curtain ring.

Top tip: Match your curtain rings to any other fittings in the room, for example, brass or silver.

Step 5: Clamp your curtain ring

Put the curtain ring onto the clamp and clamp this onto the edge of your table – this makes it easier to work with the macramé.

Step 6: Divide the ropes

Divide the ropes into pairs and tie overhand knots into each pair, two thirds of the way down. It’s important to tie the knots at the same point on each pair of ropes, so they all line up. 

Step 7: Tie overhand knots

Next take one rope from one pair and another from the next pair - and tie an overhand knot into these, a little further down the length of the rope.

Step 8: Combine rope pairs

Continue doing this until all the rope pairs have been combined to make a loop.

Step 9: Gathering wrap knot

Finish with a gathering wrap knot at the end of the lengths, to close the bottom of your plant hanger. 

Step 10: Trim the ends

Trim the ends to make them neat and put your pot and plant into the hanger.