Fun and easy Easter crafts for kids

Get crafty this Easter with these simple makes which are suitable for children.

easter crafts with kids

by Emily Gilbert |

If you're looking for some ways to entertain children over the Easter holidays, what about some of these Easter crafts for kids?

While there are plenty of Easter craft ideas for adults to make and do, depending on their age, children may need simpler ones to get involved with.

If you're in need of some inspiration, check out some of these fun ideas suitable for Easter crafting with kids...

Salt dough Easter eggs

Salt dough easter eggs

It's likely that you already have all you need to make these salt dough Easter decorations. After they are baked, it's time to decorate as desired!

Get the full tutorial at Adventures of a DIY Mom.

Easter cards

Easter card

Spread some Easter joy by making some Easter cards together. We've got lots of lovely ideas to choose from.

Footprint carrots

Footprint carrots

This may get a little messy, but look how cool these carrot footprints look!

Get the full tutorial at One Krieger Chick.

Decorated egg cup

Buy some plain plastic or china egg cups (plastic is better for young children), then paint on glue and decorate with sequins, feathers and glitter.

Egg painting

egg painting

Hard-boil some chicken eggs and then let the child paint them in bright colours. Alternatively, you can dye them by dipping them in food dye (although this method could end up being a LOT messier). If you blow out the egg first, by making a small hole in the narrow top of the egg and a larger one at the bottom and blowing out the yolk and white, you can thread some ribbon through it and it will be light enough to hang from an Easter tree.

Spring bunting

Find a long piece of ribbon or some coloured string – you're best off visiting the haberdashery section of a large department store. Then using either pieces of old material or coloured wrapping paper, cut out triangle shapes – about 10cm along the flat side, and 20cm long. Staple or sew them to the ribbon or string.

Easter wreath

Easter wreath

An Easter wreath will look lovely hung on your front door or around the house. It’s an easy idea for the kids to get stuck in with too. This particular wreath is made from egg cartons. Just paint and assemble together.

Get the full tutorial at Our Potluck Family.

Wooden spoon bunny

wooden spoon bunny

Sweet and simple, these wooden spoon bunnies are fun to make and can be used as part of an Easter puppet show or as story spoons afterwards.

Get the full tutorial at The Best Ideas for Kids.

Papier mâché eggs

Blow up a balloon until it’s the size you want – using this method lets you make large egg shapes that can be used to store smaller chocolate eggs. Cover with glue-soaked pieces of newspaper until it’s covered and let it harden. Paint the egg shape and let the child decorate as he or she wants. Then carefully insert a pin until the balloon pops. Now you can cut around the middle of the egg (in a broken eggshell line) and store eggs inside.

Easter bonnets

easter bonnet

Easter bonnet anyone? Either decorate a ready-made straw hat or start from scratch by making your own.

Decorated chocolate egg

Buy a plain Easter egg, then melt some white chocolate and let your toddler make swirly patterns on the egg. You could also make chocolate egg shapes and your toddler can add white chocolate patterns to them, too.

Grow your own cress egg heads

Cress egg heads

Take some old eggshells – you’ll need shells that have had the top cut off, but not cracked anywhere else. Wash out the inside, put some cotton wool in them, dampen with water and sprinkle cress seeds on top. Rest them in an old egg box and place on a windowsill. You can decorate the front of each face with eyes and a smiley face and in a few days, your eggshell should have a fine head of hair.

Sock bunny

sock bunnies

This no-sew sock bunny is easy to make and looks lovely, requiring just a few simple materials and a little time.

Get the full tutorial at Dynamic Dad.

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