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It’s no surprise that true crime programmes are so popular. True crime aficionados want to know what made these people tick. What drove them to do commit these heinous acts? And how were they caught and brought to justice?

If you’re a true crime enthusiast, the best place to get your fix is CBS Reality, the home of factual programming that expertly dissects genuine investigations. If you are looking for authentic cases that intrigue, engage and entertain, CBS Reality’s shows always deliver the best M.O.


Setting the true crime bar high right now is CBS Reality’s new original series “Donal MacIntyre’s Released to Kill.” This ten-part series, presented by renowned and esteemed investigative journalist and criminologist Donal MacIntyre, explores the criminal investigations of murders committed by ex-prisoners. Shockingly, one in five murders in the UK is perpetrated by previously convicted individuals.

Join Donal as he casts a forensic eye on these crimes and the criminals that committed them. Every aspect of their actions, which often occur mere days after their release, is examined in meticulous detail. Each episode focuses on a single, perplexing case. We’re taken through the journey of the murderers through their lives both before and after they were in prison. These in-depth insights help to build up a vivid picture of their psychology and their motives for committing such appalling acts.

As we watch, the case unfolds step by step, as Donal meticulously interrogates every aspect and every subtle nuance of the puzzling crime. Every case features archive news footage, specially shot dramatic reconstructions and interviews from the people directly involved in the story.


We hear the witnesses to the crimes relive their stories and experiences, and Donal also consults expert opinion from a panel comprised of prosecutors, criminal psychiatrists, prison officers and probation officers. Their unique insights into the British criminal justice system and the parole process help to answer the key questions – were there any warning signs about the individual and could these alarming crimes have been prevented? We’ll find out in each episode.

Episode eight of the new series explores the troubling case of Marvyn Iheanacho and premieres at 10pm on Wednesday 2nd February on CBS Reality.

Iheanacho had previous convictions for beating children and women and had recently served three months of an eight-month sentence for assaulting a former girlfriend. He was officially living at his sister’s when he tragically killed a five-year old. At the time of the incident, he was under supervision from the National Probation Service. The terms of his parole forbade him from any unsupervised access to children and required him to notify probation of any new relationships with women. Yet on his release he commenced a relationship with a woman who he’d been writing to from prison.

Premiering at 10pm on Wednesday 9th February, episode nine delves into the chilling story of David Cook.

Cook had served twenty-one years of a life sentence in prison for murdering a Sunday school teacher in 1987 when released on licence in 2009. After his release he settled in a small town in South Wales, where the locals remained unaware of his criminal past. Three years later he strangled his 64 year-old neighbour to death, ransacking his home after the killing.

Donal MacIntyre’s Released to Kill is currently showing every Wednesday at 10pm. CBS Reality is available on Freeview (67), Sky (146), Virgin (148) and Freesat (135)

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