Shirley Ballas: her age, boyfriend and Strictly Come Dancing

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Shirley Ballas

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She's been a much-loved member of the Strictly Come Dancing judging panel since 2017 but how much do you know about ballroom dancer, teacher, and adjudicator Shirley Ballas?

How old is Shirley Ballas?

Born on 6 September 1960, Shirley is currently 61 years old.

Shirley Ballas' dancing career

Shirley started dancing at just seven years old, going on to perform competitively and moving all over the UK to compete. Here's Shirley in action with then-partner Corky:

She stopped competing in dance competitions in 1996, instead becoming a dance coach and judge for ballroom and Latin American competitions.

Shirley on Strictly Come Dancing

In 2017, it was announced that Shirley would be joining the judging panel of Strictly Come Dancing in series 15 where she would replace Len Goodman as head judge. We've been enjoying watching her on Saturday nights ever since!

Strictly Come Dancing judges: past and present

Shirley Ballas

Who is Shirley Ballas' boyfriend?

Shirley has been with partner Daniel Taylor since 2019. Best known for acting in the West End, Daniel has also appeared in Brookside and The Bill.

The couple first met while starring in a Christmas production of Jack and The Beanstalk at the Liverpool Empire.

Talking to HELLO!, Shirley said: "I just love that man I just want to sit there all day and stare at him. He is 'The One'. We have a lot in common and we laugh all the time. He is part of the reason why I readjusted my life. Danny is just so magnificently special. I have met his parents and everybody likes each other. That’s a plus."

Shirley has previously been married twice: to dancer Sammy Stopford when she was 18 and dancer Corky Ballas in 1985. Shirley and Corky divorced in 2007. Shirley made the decision to keep her ex-husband's surname Ballas instead of reverting to her maiden name Rich.

Does Shirley have children?

Shirley and Corky went on to have a child together in 1986. Their son, Mark is a professional ballroom dancer.

Shirley's health scare

The dancer recently revealed she will need scans on all her organs as doctors were concerned by her high hormone levels.

In an interview with The Sun, Shirley explained: "I try to not to focus on that (health worries) because it’s easy for me to go down a dark route.

"I don’t have enough information yet, so I just keep trundling forward.

"That’s how I coped when I had my last cancer scare — it comes from my mum, who is very stoic about everything."

The findings came after concerned Strictly viewers messaged Shirley on Instagram after spotting a lump in her armpit as she raised her arm while judging.

Shirely said that her doctor "won’t speculate on what the cause is. She just says, ‘We need to deal with this. Let’s deal with the hormones and then see what else is there’

"So I’ll have the scans and then I’ll be able to let everyone know what’s going on."

What is Shirley's net worth?

Shirley's estimated net worth is believed to be around £3.8 million.

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