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Here's everything you need to know about BBC's Flog It!

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by Emily Gilbert |

It's one of the BBC's most popular and long-running shows, so there's no doubt you've seen Flog It! before. It is a television series which has been broadcasting since May 27, 2002 and is presented by the brilliant Paul Martin.

Sadly, it was announced in 2018 that the BBC would be axing the show after 17 years on air in a bid to modernise the daytime TV schedule. Despite this disappointing news, you can still watch Flog It! online on the BBC iPlayer where there's plenty of episodes to keep you entertained.

The premise of Flog It!

In a similar format to Antiques Roadshow, members of the public bring their antiques to be viewed and valued by a team of experts. They're then given the option to sell their items at an auction.

The programme travels to different parts of the UK with most episodes including a segment where Paul investigates an aspect of local culture, history or historical figures. The auction also tends to take place in an auction house in the same area.

Flog It! presenters

Flog It! has mostly been presented by Paul Martin although the first five episodes were presented by Mark Harnden. Paul Martin is a British antiques dealer and professional drummer. Paul was discovered by a team from the BBC when he was interviewed about his love of oak furniture. He was soon signed up to present Flog It!

Kate Bliss also presented several editions between 2004 and 2005 when Paul Martin was unavailable.

Flog It! experts

On each show, valuations are carried out by two experts and, even sometimes by presenter Paul himself. Experts that have featured on the show include:

Adam Partridge - Adam has always been a bit of an entrepreneur. As a child he raised pocket money washing cars and collecting rainwater to sell to his neighbours for their gardening. Adam started attending auctions with his grandfather, who used to buy and sell violins. He was only 10 when he made his first bid at an auction, buying a little painting of a mill scene for £15 which he still has at home.

Charles Hanson - Charles found a passion for antiques at a young age, going on to pursue a career in the auction world through University, spending some time working in UK auction houses, including Christies, before going on to set up his own auction house in 2005.

David Fletcher - David started his professional career in Hertfordshire, selling livestock and poultry before moving on to antiques. For eleven years, he worked with the firm of auctioneers that was to become Bonhams – the London-based fine art auctioneers.

Caroline Hawley - Caroline started dealing antiques and collectables as a teenager, before setting up shops near her home in East Yorkshire. After many successful years dealing, she moved into auctions and now buys and sells both sides of the English Channel.

David Barby - David was the expert on the very first episode of Flog It! in January 2002 and a stalwart of the show ever since. His sense of fun, gentle personality, and great knowledge of and passion for antiques endeared him to the hundreds of people he worked with and millions of viewers at home. David died in hospital in Coventry following a short illness with his family at his bedside.

Philip Serrell - A lover of classic cars, Philip is an ex-sports teacher, but when this didn't work out for him, he became an auctioneer for livestock! He then returned to college to specialise as a chartered surveyor in fine art and an antiques valuer. He now has his own auctioneering business too.

Anita Manning - Glasgow girl Anita Manning has always been interested in antiques. She puts her love of collectables down to all the mahogany furniture she admired at her granny’s house growing up.

Claire Rawle - Claire manages auction houses in Taunton and Somerset where she regularly heads up specialist collectors sales, as well as regular antiques and fine art sales.

Charlie Ross - Charlie is a well-travelled freelance auctioneer, conducting auctions all over the world. He started off selling poultry after leaving school and then started running his own saleroom in Woburn for over 25 years.

Catherine Southon - Former Sotheby’s auctioneer Catherine has years of experience at the prestigious auction house under her belt. She then moved on to work as an independent consultant specialising in scientific and maritime antiques and collectables.

Christina Trevanion - Christina was inspired by antiques from an early age, attending plenty of auctions as a child and searching bags and boxes for treasures. Being a valuer and auctioneer has always been the job for her, and led her to study the trade at university.

Nick Davies - At the age of 17, Nick was given a summer job working at an antique jewellers in Birmingham. Since then, Nick's love for antique jewellery. He set up his own auction in 2001, specialising in silver and jewellery.

Thomas Plant - Thomas runs his own auction house based in Berkshire, specialising in Ceramics, Jewellery and Silver, but he also has a keen interest in watches.

David Harper - David is an antiques & Classic Car expert as well as an internationally known artist. Today, David brokers the sale of art, antiques and classic cars on behalf of clients and gives after dinner / lunch talks around the UK. David has written over 100 published articles on art and antiques and first appeared on BBC Radio, taking live calls on antiques in 1999.

Elizabeth Talbot - Flog It! regular Elizabeth Talbot is an experienced valuer and auctioneer. Interested in Victoriana and the Arts and Crafts period of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Elizabeth is especially fascinated by the everyday items that many overlook.

James Lewis - He began his career at a work placement at an auction house in Nottingham and fell in love from there. Eventually, his career progressed and he now runs his own salesroom in Derbyshire. As an auctioneer, he has a reputation of amusing the crowds, winning the title of UK top auctioneer 2 years in a row.

Jonathan Pratt - Specialising in jewellery, watches, English furniture and Persian carpets, Jonathan studied Fine Art & Chattels Valuation before working in Edinburgh at Philips Auctioneers where he learned a lot and grew his passion for antiques.

Mark Stacey - A keen historian and collector, it was this which fuelled his love for antiques. Over the years, he's worked for a range of prestigious auction houses as a valuer and auctioneer and specialises in the ceramics department.

Michael Baggott - His passion for antiques began in school and has a keen interest in antique silver, small work, boxes, early spoons, provincial and continental silver. He's previously worked at a number of prestigious auction houses including Sotheby's and Christie's.

Will Axon - He originally set out to be a jockey, but sadly for him, it didn't work out so he turned to the antique trade instead. He has a Master's degree in Art Market Appraisal and a keen interest in English country furniture, furnishings and pottery.

Some of the experts have also appeared as auctioneers in other editions of Flog It! and in other related BBC shows like Bargain Hunt and Cash in the Attic.

Read more about the experts who featured in Flog It! here.

The axing of Flog It!

Fans of Flog It! were devastated to hear that the show was to be axed after 17 years as part of a shake-up to "modernise" BBC One's daytime schedule, the corporation said, making room for six new shows.

Presenter Paul Martin admitted he was missing the show. Speaking to The Sun Newspaper’s Bizarre column, he said: "Secretly I'm thinking maybe there'll be some specials or some Children In Need ones or a celebrity 'Flog It!'.

"It's down to the channel really and I can't make those decisions. I'm kind of missing it already. It's 18 years of my life."

Where to watch Flog It!

If you'd like to watch past episodes of Flog It!, you can watch these on iPlayer or repeats are often on BBC Two.

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