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After huge success with Top Gear and The Grand Tour, television presenter and petrolhead Jeremey Clarkson turned his hand to farming and you can watch his journey on the Prime series Clarkson's Farm.

The show follows Clarkson, his partner Lisa and crew of workers/pals as he navigates the challenges of agricultural life, including managing crops, livestock, and the business side of farming. With his characteristic humour and wit, Clarkson encounters various setbacks and learns valuable lessons along the way. The series provides an entertaining and insightful look into the realities of modern farming and the complexities of rural life.

Clarkson's Farm season 3 release date

Jeremy, Lisa, Kaleb, Gerald and Charlie are back with series 3 of Clarkson's Farm on Friday 3rd May, but only with Part 1 (the first 4 episodes). Part 2 will be released two weeks later on the 10th May. This gives you time to savour the show, or, you know, you could wait until it's all out and then binge-watch it!

Clarkson's Farm cast

Jeremy Clarkson

Clarkson is the owner and presenter of the show, taking us through day-to-day life on the farm and his money-making schemes.

Kaleb Cooper


Farmhand turned farm manger Kaleb (25) carries out many jobs on the farm including selecting, planting, harvesting and maintaining the crops.

Although he's not from a farming background, Kaleb has had a passion for the industry since his school years. He is now an author with three books published, including The World According to Kaleb.

Charlie Ireland

Land agent Charlie Ireland works closely with Jeremy to advise him on how to run a farm and often puts his big ideas into a more realistic perspective.

Lisa Hogan


Lisa Hogan is Jeremy's girlfriend (they've been together since 2017) and she runs the Diddly Squat Shop and helps out with the animals on the farm.

The 50 year old used to be a sculptor and an actress, appearing in the 1997 film 'Fierce Creatures' as a sealion keeper, alongside the likes of John Cleese, Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Palin.

Gerald Cooper


Gerald is a drystone wall builder and head of security at Clarkson's Farm. Whilst they have the same surname, he is no relation to his colleague and pal Kaleb Cooper.

In 2023, 73 year old Gerald was diagnosed with prostate cancer but has since got the all-clear.

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Where is Clarkson's farm?

Back in 2008, Jeremy Clarkson purchased Diddly Squat Farm in Chadlington, Chipping Norton - the heart of the Cotswolds. A local village farmer managed and used the farm to grow crops. It wasn't until the farmer retired in 2019 that Jeremy decided to take over the reins and run the farm full-time.

Address: 5-12 Chipping Norton Road, Chadlington, Chipping Norton, OX7 3PE

The farm's closest city is Oxford, which is a 40 minute car ride away.

Is Diddly Squat Farm open to the public?

Members of the public can visit both the Diddly Squat Farm Shop and The Big View Café, which are open Wednesday - Sunday (9.30am to 4:30pm) and Bank Holidays.

Diddly Squat Farm Shop

The Diddly Squat Farm Shop has free parking and promises to be a ‘Cotswolds-based emporium of edible delights', but with it being so popular, you may have to wait a while to actually get in!

Alternatively, if you want to avoid the long queues, why not order some of their goods from their website or Amazon Fresh?*

In an Instagram post, the company said: "We are excited to announce that you can now shop the Diddly Squat Farm range at Amazon Fresh online and in our stores🙌👨‍🌾🚜

"Inspired by the rustic charm and agricultural adventures of Clarkson’s Farm streaming on Prime Video, we are thrilled to bring you a taste of the farm straight to your doorstep.

"We worked together to curate a range full of the farm shop’s personality that we hope you will love. From jams, chutneys, rapeseed oils, seasonings, juices, there’s something for everyone."

*Amazon Fresh is not available in certain locations, however, you can also purchase products directly from the Diddly Squat Farm store Amazon page.


Food and drink

Made on the farm by the bees that buzz about in the wildflower meadows and oilseed rape fields, this honey promises a 'delicate and refined' taste.

Those that have watched Clarkson's Farm season 3 will have seen Jeremy concocting this blackberry jam recipe under the watchful eyes of Charlie, his farm management advisor.

Packaged in a resealable bag, this coffee is a great drink to kickstart your morning with. It contains notes of chocolate, spices and honey.

A wonderful gift for those with a sweet tooth, this Diddly Squat Cotswold Fudge is made using traditional butter for an ultra creamy texture. Delicious!

Get the party started with some 'Cow Juice' Vodka that has been distilled using whey and spring water from the farm.

Home & kitchen

Fans of the show can drink from their very own Diddly Squat mug. Made from enamel, it's thought to be pretty durable - perfect for those well-deserved outdoor tea breaks.


Created with 100 percent cotton, this tractor t-shirt has a classic fit and a soft-neck, plus it's machine washable, making it ideal for wearing in the garden or relaxing at home.

Clarkson's Farm social media

To keep up-to-date with all of the latest developments and goings-on at Clarkson's Farm, you can follow the show on Instagram, @diddlysquat.farmshop.

Alternatively, follow @jeremyclarkson1 or Lisa Hogan (@thetallirish).


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