Anthea Turner: ‘I’ve found happiness’

anthea turner

by Stephanie Spencer |
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Appreciate your roots

I hail from Stoke on Trent, where I had a humble beginning in a place that’s far from glamorous. As I’ve grown older, I’ve become increasingly grateful for my Midlands roots. My father is still there, so I’m home a couple of times a month.

Loved ones don’t leave you

My mum passed away in April last year, aged 92. She had wet macular degeneration, an eye disorder that causes blurred vision, and she’d also had a stroke. You could say I feel that death was a release. I still chat to mum. I’ll ask her a question and I know what her an- swer would be. I miss her terribly, but I still feel she’s here and that’s a lovely feeling.

Family is more than blood

I don’t know what it’s like to have a child of my own and it wasn’t for the want of trying. When people ask me if I regret this, I find it difficult to say ‘yes,’ because I’m not sure I’d have the relationship with my stepdaughters [Claudia 27, Amelia 29, and Lily 30, the daughters of Anthea’s ex-husband Grant Bovey]. We don’t have an umbilical cord relationship, but a connection based on love and history. Claudia was two when she came into my life and the others were five and six. We genuinely like each other and there’s a deep love.

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