Anne Reid: ‘I love being the difficult one!’

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The Yours Members site has all the latest from the magazine, including celebrity interviews like this chat with Anne Reid who tells us more about popular period drama Sanditon as it returns for a third series, and why she relishes playing the lady of the manor!

If you love a regency drama full of intrigue, suspense and emotion then Sanditon is for you. The story is based on Jane Austen’s last, and unfinished, novel. The only 11 chapters she wrote before her death have been adapted into a TV drama by screenwriter Andrew Davies (Pride & Prejudice). Set in a seaside town, the story follows the lives of its inhabi- tants. Anne Reid (88) plays Lady Denham, the formidable matriarchal figure that watches over the town from Sanditon House. With a new love interest on the cards, will we see a softer side to Lady Denham this series?

"I adore playing this part, it’s one of my favourite things I have ever done in my life. I just love playing the ‘Lady of the Manor’ and being the difficult one. I’m never going back to the kitchen again; I’ve played many roles in my career there! So, to now be upstairs and in charge is a total joy. I love it.

"We meet a blast from Lady Denham’s past this season, a boyfriend who previously dumped her when she was young. It’s amazing that she could have a love interest at her age, can you imagine who would fancy her? I can’t believe she would be a very easy-going person in a relationship!

"She’s very angry and resentful that he dumped her when she was young. She’s not dwelled on their relationship for years, but you can tell when they meet in the first episode, she’s definitely not over it. She’s appalled when she sees him, however when they start to get to know each other again, you can see her start to get nervous and she does get a bit carried away with the idea of their relationship."

For more about Anne's role in Sanditon, read the full interview on the Yours members site.


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