Aled Jones on touring, his family and his faith

Set for a new tour singing in cathedrals, Aled Jones chats about his faith and reveals the advice the late Sir Terry Wogan gave him

Aled Jones

by Alison James |

He shot to fame as a teenager in the 80s, and since then he's led a very successful career as a performer and presenter. Now Aled Jones is going back on tour to do what he loves.

"I love touring"

I haven’t sung in public for two years, but on my Blessings tour I’m performing in 24 of the most beautiful cathedrals and churches across the country. Not only are the acoustics brilliant, but the buildings themselves are just so stunning. They are the ultimate concert halls. I’ll be performing a mix of hymns, classical songs, pop ballads and musical theatre numbers, and I’ll be chatting and telling stories, too. Hopefully the audiences will find it an uplifting experience.

"My faith is so important"

I believe in God and I’ve never been scared to say that I’m a Christian. I wouldn’t say I’m a perfect one, though I don’t really know what one of those is. As I get older I lean on my faith more. When I was young I don’t think I acknowledged it as much. As a cathedral chorister, being able to sing incredible pieces of music in a cathedral is where I always found a connection with God.

"I always wanted to win Wimbledon"

As a kid, it was my ambition to either win Wimbledon or play centre-forward for Arsenal. I was a chorister at Bangor Cathedral in north Wales which is where I was ‘discovered’, if you like. It was exciting. Monday to Friday I was in school being a normal kid and then Saturday and Sunday I’d be jetting here, there and everywhere. It was brilliant.

"Sir Terry’s advice helped me"

I’ve taken on board the advice my radio ‘dad’ Terry Wogan gave me. ‘Spread yourself thin,’ he said, ‘so they won’t be able to get rid of you!’

That’s why I do so many things – sing, act, present on TV... I also write children’s novels! I used to make up stories for my son and daughter when they were small. My first book was out before Christmas, my second one – The Golden Egg – is out at Easter, and there will be a third in the summer. Holding a copy of my newly published first novel was as exciting as holding a new album release.

I’m so, so proud of my children

My daughter Emilia (19) is an actress, and her first film, CODA is on Apple TV, but she doesn’t come to me for any career advice. I mean, do daughters take much notice of what their dads say about their chosen career, anyway? She has a great team of people around her to help with that. I’m here for her as her dad – as I am for my son Lucas, who is 16.

What advice would you give to your 18-year-old self?

Don’t worry so much. Life has a plan; go for it and enjoy it. Have a laugh and don’t take things too seriously.

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