First West End musicals to reopen this weekend

Are you looking forward to heading back to the West End?

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by Emily Gilbert |

The coronavirus pandemic has meant that we have all had to stop doing a lot of things that we love, one of which includes taking a trip to the West End.

There is nothing quite like the excitement of attending a West End show, joining the throngs of people as they troop into the theatre, clutching your ticket and snacks and peering round to find your seat. Then settling back into your chair, eyes glued to the vast stage, ready for the lights to go down and the curtains to rise.

But sadly, the theatre industry has suffered drastically this year, with all of them shutting their doors for many months, waiting for their chance to shine and entertain once more.

Well, good news! This weekend, the first West End musicals will reopen, nine months after they were forced to close.

Currently, venues in Tiers 1 and 2 are able to reopen at 50 per cent capacity or 1,000 seats, depending on whichever is lower. Audiences will be separated into household groups with spacing between them and masks are to be worn by all people.

While hosting his BBC Radio 2 show, stage star Michael Ball said that the performing arts feel "forgotten" in the pandemic and must be "saved".

He told listeners: "If you’re in this truly dire situation, I promise you the good times will come again. You will sing, you will play, you will dance, act, perform, entertain and the audiences will clap and cheer and roar with laughter… You will see that standing ovation again. You are not forgotten. We will overcome this.”

Lucy Moss, one of the writers and directors of Six, the tale of Henry VIII's many wives told Sky News: "It's just been so heart-breaking and devastating watching what's happened to our industry and watching all the performers and companies and backstage crew not knowing when they're going back to work or whether they're going back to work, which is why it's so exciting to be back here now working on the show."

Joining Six and reopening this weekend is Les Miserables at the West End's Sondheim Theatre.

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