Why you’ll have to spend more on your prescription VERY soon!

Why you’ll have to spend more on your prescription VERY soon!

Starting April 1st, the price of your prescription will rise by 20p making prescriptions the highest price ever. The increase in prices has been criticised by the Prescription Charges Coalition who say the move will be ‘catastrophic’ for those with long-term illnesses. 

The rise will affect those in England, with prescription charges going from £8.60 to £8.80. The plans come as the government make plans to make cuts to the NHS and changes to the budget. However, it’s important to remember that not everyone is charged and there are certain ways you can cut how much you spend on prescriptions. 


Anyone under 16 or over 60 don’t have to pay for prescriptions as well as those who are pregnant, on welfare benefits, have a medical exemption certificate, have cancer or a range of long term illnesses. If you do have to pay for your prescriptions however, you can buy a season ticket. 

The season tickets are worth purchasing if you buy more than one prescription per month. The cost is £29.10 for three months or £104 for a year. It’s also worth keeping in mind that most medicines such as pain killers are cheaper to buy across the counter that through prescription. 

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