How did Christmas affect your body?

How much weight do you think you put on over Christmas? One more mince pie here and an extra chocolate there has meant that collectively, Britain has put on a total of 131,296 tonnes over the festive period with the average UK adult putting on 4.4lbs!

And whilst you may be worrying that your clothes are a little tighter than usual and you don’t look as thin as you once were, have you considered what is actually going on inside your body?


According to research from Thriva, only half of us are concerned about the effects of fat internally, with the other half of us being more worried about how fat makes us look on the outside, but with six in ten Brits living with raised or abnormal blood cholesterol, it’s about time we cared about what is inside us rather than our appearance.

To shock the public into caring more about their insides rather than outsides, Thriva stood the enormous ‘fatberg’ along London’s Southbank yesterday to represent how much fat Britain has put on over the Christmas period, trying to persuade us to keep dedicated to our January health kick.


At over 10ft wide, the ‘fatberg’ is made of real fat and is a shocking reality of all the alcohol and fatty foods that we have been consuming over Christmas. So when you feel like your over indulging or don’t feel like exercising, use the ‘fatberg’ as a gentle reminder of what could be growing in your body!