Which supermarket is best for dieters?

Which supermarket is best for dieters?

It's almost impossible not to put on weight over Christmas, but did you know that the supermarket you choose to shop at could make a difference?

It turns out that when it comes to calories, fat and sugar, different supermarket own brand treats are hugely varied.

Looking to keep Santa slim? Pop out mince pies from Morrisons, which have the fewest calories at 232 each, compared to Asda's which have a whopping 280 per pie.

If it's sugar you're concerned about, you'd be better off choosing your cheese and shortbread from Sainsbury's. And when it comes to fat, Tesco's pigs in blankets are the safest bet.

Check out the calories, sugar and fat in your festive favourites in the three charts below, all from Nuyoo.co

Here are the festive products' calorie content


A chart of the total sugar in each product:


This is a chart of the fat content:


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