New plans for organ transplants

New plans for organ transplants

For those on the organ transplant list, the wait can be long and painful and unfortunately, every year, 450 people who are waiting on the organ transplant list die before the right donor is found.

To tackle this issue, the government are planning to launch a new opt-out system. This means that under the plans, it would be presumed that everybody would be happy to donate their organs after their death, unless they have signed up to opt-out. It is thought that many people are willing to donate their organs but don’t because they’re not on the register. MPs believe that this plan would solve that issue.

This system is currently already used in Wales, with six per cent of people choosing to opt-out. And although it could mean a lot more people on the organ donation waiting list will survive, the plans have been criticised and are yet to be proven to be a success in Wales.

Whilst it is very rare for the family of a deceased person who is on the donation register to refuse a donation, it is likely that many grieving families will say no to an organ donation when there is no register.

Critics believe the best way to increase the number of donors, is to discuss the subject with their families in advance to their death, in order to break stigmas surrounding organ donation. This would guarantee that families know the wishes of their deceased family member.