Lorna White

Have confidence in comfort

Lorna White
Have confidence in comfort

Take charge of your life and its little niggles with Oak Tree Mobility’s range of reclining chairs, adjustable beds and bath lifts.  

Home is where we should all be able to truly relax. The place where we can just switch off the world and enjoy our own creature comforts – from  snuggling up in a comfy chair with a good book or indulging in a warming bubble bath. That’s why it’s so important that the furniture and facilities in our homes are fit for purpose, completely comfortable and right for our needs, there to help us unwind and find some calm, completely content in our surroundings. And this is more vital than ever as we get a bit older and may have the odd niggle or sometimes need a little extra support.

Take  lounge settees and chairs. After years of keeping us comfy in front of the telly and welcoming all sorts of visitors, from lovely chatty friends to the grandchildren, sometimes our trusty old sofa doesn’t quite do the job we need to help us relax anymore, especially if we get some aches and pains or find it harder to get up and out of the chair. 


Oak Tree Mobility’s specially designed range of rise and recline chairs are perfect to adapt to whatever you need. By helping you maintain correct posture, it’ll reduce pressure on joints and provide support to your lower back to relieve back pain, or even the symptoms of arthritis. What’s more, with a high leg lift motor it makes it easy to take the weight off your legs and put your feet up above the level of your hips, giving you some much needed rest as well as helping improve circulation. 

But this level of comfort isn’t just for the lounge. We spend several hours every night asleep so it’s incredibly important to have the right bed that’s giving the correct level of support you need. Oak Tree Mobility’s range of beds are adjustable in five points making it easy to find your perfect position. This includes helping you sit upright to read or watch TV in comfort. Or if you struggle from asthma or lung conditions, you can raise your sleeping position to keep your neck and head high, helping you breathe easier. Alternatively, if you experience swelling in your legs overnight you can elevate your feet to above the level of your hips to boost blood flow. 


Swollen legs can also benefit from a lovely hot bath, especially during the colder months. But if you’re not as sprightly on your legs getting in and out of a bath as you used to be, you could benefit from a bath lift that conveniently raises you in and out of the tub whenever you like. Oak Tree Mobility’s bath lifts come with a levelling belt that keeps you safe as well as technology that allows you to lie right in the bottom of your bath so you can really have a good soak and come out feeling refreshed. 

Half Price Sale

  • When you buy any chair, settee or bed with Oak Tree Mobility you can now get any second item half price* You can also currently trade in any Oak Tree Mobility item and receive £250 in return**

  • For more information call 0800 999 6927 and quote reference code 1319/XY/10