Free guide to eating out on a diet

Free guide to eating out on a diet

Do you struggle to find suitable food options on the menu when you eat out? If you live with allergies or have strict dietary requirements, finding something to eat whilst dining out with friends can be such a chore, causing many of us to avoid eating out.

To make life easier, a FREE guide has been released to help us feel less guilty about eating out so we can continue our social lives and eat out without feeling awkward. The guide has been created by Strictly star Katie Piper and weight-loss guru Terri-Ann.

The Healthy Happy Mum Plan Katie Piper, TerriAnn Nunns

Thanks to Katie and Terri-Ann, the helpful guide tells us what’s really in the food we’re eating out, as well as the hidden ingredients that might not be so good for you. The guide covers information about the healthiest menu items at many of the most popular restaurants and fast food outlets.

Katie and TerriAnn

Aiming to focus on what you can have rather than what you can’t have this handy guide will help you pick the right option, enabling yourself to have a treat while still keeping on track of your health.

The guide is easy to read and clearly labels calories next to each menu item. Some of the restaurants featured include: Nando’s, TGI Fridays, Beefeater, Pizza Hut, McDonalds and Costa. Instead of focusing on the healthiest places to eat out, Katie and Terri-Ann researched the most popular places and then looked at the healthier options within their menus.

The guide provides options under 300 calories, 500 calories and 600 calories.

Katie, TerriAnn

The Healthy Happy Mum Plan Restaurant and Fast Food Calorie Guide is FREE here.

The Healthy Happy Mum Plan is available for £39.99. Find out more here.