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Food and drink that drain your energy

Yourshealth, Energy, Nutrition
Food and drink that drain your energy

When we feel tired, there are certain foods we tend to think will wake us up a little. Whether its a cup of coffee or something sweet, these pick-me-ups tend to have a temporary effect but can be harmful to our health in the long term and can often have the opposite effect. 

Why coffee makes you more tired


“While a cup or two of coffee a day is not going to cause you much harm, much more than that will cause havoc with your blood sugar, dehydrate you and leave you feeling more tired and drained, perpetuating the need for more caffeine,” says Sarah. Gradually wean yourself off coffee and tea, opting for decaffeinated or herbal versions instead.

Why wine will make you sleepy


A quick tipple definitely won’t leave you raring to go – in fact alcohol is a sedative so it’s more likely to make you sleepy. If you’re tempted by a night cap, don’t be, while a boozy drink might help you drift off initially you’re more likely to wake up again a few hours later because alcohol raises your stress levels and gets your adrenalin pumping.

Why sugar will make you feel drained


Sugary foods give you a very short-term boost of energy and then leave you feeling depleted and low,” says Sarah. “Then you crave more sugar to get rid of that sluggish feeling and the cycle starts again. One of the first things people tell me when they cut down on sugar is how much more energy they have.”

Why carbs reduce our energy


White bread, pasta, cakes and biscuits are all re ned carbohydrates. “They affect your body in the same way as sugar, causing a temporary energy boost before a blood sugar crash,” says Sarah. Swap to wholegrain versions such as brown rice and wholegrain bread which provide a sustainable source of energy.