Controlling portion size with your hands

Apparently us Brits are overeating by about 200-300 calories per day, but according to the British Nutrition Foundation, weighing out our ingredients isn’t the answer to controlling portion size, but actually using our hands. This new way of measuring out food means that larger people will have larger portions and smaller people consume less, but would you feel satisfied with THESE portion sizes?

Pasta and rice


Two handfuls of both pasta and rice should provide you with enough for your size.

Fruit and vegetables


One handful of all fruit and veg should be enough for your meal.

Breakfast cereal


Waking up hungry can often cause us to over eat without realising in the morning but this advice claims no more than three handfuls of cereal should be consumed in the morning.


Make an ‘O'‘ shape with your thumb and index finger with the ‘O’ shape being no larger than a pound coin. The amount of spaghetti you can fit in the hole shape is equal to the amount you should be eating.



Cheese lovers will know how moreish it can be but according to this study, one serving is equivalent to two thumb block sizes of cheese.



When it comes to potatoes, we shouldn’t be consuming anymore than the size of our fists.

Meat and fish


The main component of our dinner plates should be equivalent to half the size of our hand when cooked.

It’s hoped that by cutting down to these portion sizes, we’ll avoid cooking too much food and avoid waste, but what do you think?

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