Burning calories at Christmas

Another year is coming to a close and after everything we’ve achieved in 2019, December is the perfect time to indulge on all those treats we’ve deprived ourselves of throughout the year. So enjoy that slice of Christmas pudding and a mince pie or two. But after all the festivities draw to a close, it’s important to not put your health on the back burner.

Make burning off those calories simple with DW Fitness First’s top tips to keeping trim when the trimmings are down. 30 minutes of rowing will burn off two mince pies whilst a five mile run will only see off 1.5 portions of Christmas pudding! If you’re one to enjoy a Christmas tipple, two glasses of Prosecco requires 20 minutes of star jumps to see of the cals! 

Why not challenge yourself to the Christmas Calorie Burn Challenge where DW Fitness First members will be able to set themselves their own challenge of calories to burn throughout December - and track this via DW Fitness First. Prizes will be on offer to those who feel the burn and participate! 

DW FF Infographic (1).jpg
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