Are you a baby boomer in pain?

We all get the odd ache and pain every now and then but often, it will go away with some painkillers and a week or two of rest. However, it seems a lot of us over fifties are suffering with joint pain in silence. According to recent research from Fortius Clinic, two in five baby boomers are living with joint pain and are putting off treatment or a visit to the doctor.

How long would you leave a health compliant before going to the doctors? A few days? A few weeks? A month or so? Shockingly, it turns out that these baby boomers are waiting up to an average of 16 months before seeking professional help, despite two thirds admitting the pain prevents them from living their lives to the full!

The top five causes of pain are back problems, knee aches, shoulder pain, hip problems and neck ache and as a result of carrying on without notifying our doctor of any pain, the survey revealed 63 per cent of us are left being unable to drive, see friends or carry on playing our favourite sports which as a result, is sadly affecting the mental health of pain sufferers.


Consultant orthopaedic surgeon, Andy Williams warns us about the dangers of leaving pain to worsen over a long period of time.

“Over 50s today are more active than ever and should be looking forward to so many more healthy years ahead - but by ignoring their pain and disability, and the success of joint replacement, they are condemned to prolonged suffering.”

It seems one of the main reasons the baby boomer generation would rather carry on in pain is the fear of surgery and recovery period. Philip Luce, director of the Bupa Cromwell hospital is keen to make clear how amazing the technology on offer now is.

“The new Fortius Joint Replacement Centre at Bupa Cromwell Hospital gives patients access to the best facilities and latest technology, coupled with world-leading clinicians. At the Centre we offer state-of-the-art robotic technology and an enhanced patient experience with quicker recovery times so there’s really no reason to put off seeking help if you are in pain.”

Research from Fortius Clinic

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