Everything you need to know about actress Sue Nicholls

Everything you need to know about actress Sue Nicholls

Whether you love her as Audrey Roberts, or remember her Crossroads days, we’ve put together a little biography to tell you everything you need to know about Sue Nicholls

Sue Nicholls news

Sue looks back on Pat Phoenix


If you ever watch Coronation Street and felt like you don't recognise half of the cast - you're not alone! Sue Nicholls has admitted that she's not familiar with many of the new young stars, saying: "I seem to know the people at my local Sainsbury’s more than I know half of the new 'Coronation Street' cast. What can I say?"

She has also spoken to the Daily Star about the days of working with classic Corrie stars including Pat Phoenix who played Elsie Tanner: "Ah the days of Pat Phoenix. Pat was so easy to work with. And there was Jean Alexander and Betty Driver. It was a lovely time."

Sue's new Corrie plot

Sue has loved working on her recent Corrie storyline about clairvoyants as she claims to have received messages from beyond the grave in her real life. She believes in psychics and was pleased when the show writers created a character called Rosemary, who passes on messages from Audrey's dead husband Alf Roberts.

She said: "I don't go every day and it doesn't take over my life, but I've had my palm read and I go to see these people, so this is a lovely storyline for me."

Who is Sue Nicholls?

Sue is a British actress, who you’ll know and love for her role as feisty Audrey Roberts in Coronation Street


Where was Sue born?

She was born in Walsall, Staffordshire in 1943 and is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

Sue as Audrey with on-screen daughter Gail Platt

Sue as Audrey with on-screen daughter Gail Platt

Coronation Street’s Audrey Roberts

Sue joined the Corrie cast back in 1979 and has been a firm favourite with viewers ever since. Back then she was Audrey Potter, and appeared for daughter Gail’s engagement party to Brian Tilsley.

Audrey and Alf

Shortly after, she met the love of her life – Alf Roberts (played by Bryan Mosley) and the pair were married in 1985, going on to become one of the soap’s most popular couples. 
Audrey Roberts began working as a hairdresser, and some years later it was revealed that she had a second child, Stephen Reid, living in Canada. Alf died in 1999 which was a bitter blow for Audrey, but she filled her time with productivity and ran for the council herself, retaining her seat until 2001.


Audrey's brush with death

Another dramatic moment for Audrey came more recently, when a heated family argument caused her to have a heart attack. She spent several days in hospital, but thankfully was back ruffling feathers in the street before long.


Audrey Roberts' broken arm

Poor audrey is often in the wars, most recently when she tripped and fell in the salon earlier this year, leading to a broken arm.

Sue Nicholls in Crossroads

While we’ll always know and love Sue for creating Audrey Roberts, her breakthrough role was actually in a different soap opera – Crossroads, where she played Marilyn Gates from 1964-68.

A young Sue Nicholls in Crossroads

A young Sue Nicholls in Crossroads

Sue's surprising singing career!

Her role in Crossroads led her to a brief musical success, after she performed a song called Where Will You Be? Which she then went on to release, and reached number 17 in the charts.

Sue in Reginald Perrin

She played the part of secretary Joan Greengross in the sitcoms The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin and its sequal The Legacy of Reginald Perrins.

Sue's spooky role in Rentaghost


She’s also remembered for her role in children’s comedy Rentaghost, which aired from 1976 – 1984, where she played Nadia Popov, a Dutch ghost who teleported away whenever she sneezed. Other actors in the series included Edward Brayshaw, Molly Weir and Michael Staniforth. They are pictured above with Nanny the goat!

Sue’s cancer drama

Amazingly, in 2011, an eagle-eyed viewer (who was conveniently a nurse) called Anna Bianconi-Moore, noticed a suspicious-looking mole on Sue’s shoulder. She emailed the Coronation Street team, and Sue was immediately referred to a skin cancer specialist where she was diagnosed with malignant melanoma. She swiftly had the mole removed, and got back in touch with her saviour to invite her to the studios as a thank you. Such a wonderful resolution to what could have been a sad story.

How old is Sue Nicholls?

You wouldn’t know it to look at her, but Sue is now 74 – we want to know which face cream she uses!

Sue and her husband Mark Eden

Sue and her husband Mark Eden

Is Sue Nicholls married?

Sue married husband Mark Eden back in 1993, and the couple own the Quality Hotel in Tettenhall, Wolverhampton.

Sue Nicholls' husband

Mark Eden is also an actor and appeared in Coronation Street as wrong 'un Alan Bradley from 1986 until 1989, until the character was knocked over by a tram and killed. Mark has also appeared in Poirot and - unusually - wrote a musical about the Beach Boys!

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