Debbie McGee reveals what life is really like without late husband Paul

Debbie McGee reveals what life is really like without late husband Paul

We all know how difficult the grieving process can be. After losing a close loved one, there are good days and bad, and everyone deals with the process differently and it seems this is the same for Strictly star, Debbie McGee.

Following the sad loss of her husband, magician Paul Daniels, Debbie admits sometimes she feels so upset she feels like she “can’t cry anymore”, admitting she still breaks down when talking about Paul.

Paul died in 2016 aged 77. The couple were married for almost 28 years before his sad death which left Debbie devastated. When talking about her emotions following his death, Debbie says she often gets upset in private.

"I'm not very good at crying in front of people so, most of the time, I can choose my moments when I recall Paul and think about him. That's usually somewhere where I'm on my own, a hotel room or at home, and the floodgates open. I get to a point where I actually think I can't cry anymore, and you have to say to yourself, 'Right, pull yourself together, go and have a cup of tea. Occasionally, someone will say something and you can't help it, you just cry. You're emotional."

In order to distract herself from Paul’s passing, 59-year-old Debbie has taken on many projects, such as Strictly Come Dancing. She believes this has really helped her deal with her grief.

“I've got the closest family anyone could have, I've got lovely friends, but you need something else to think about.”

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