All you need to know about Carol Drinkwater

All you need to know about Carol Drinkwater

The actress turned author is best known for her part in All Creatures Great and Small

Who is Carol Drinkwater?

Carol is an English-Irish actress, author and filmmaker. She cut her teeth at the National Theatre Company under the leadership of Laurence Olivier before acting in TV series including Bouquet of Barbed Wire and Golden Pennies. She went on to star in many films including Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange and An Awfully Big Adventure alongside High Grant and Alan Rickman. 

But the role she is best-loved for is as Helen Herriot, alongside Robert Hardy in the wonderful All Creatures Great and Small, which as we know was a TV adaptation of James Herriot's books. 

Carol Drinkwater in All Creatures Great and Small

Carol is best known for her award-winning portrayal of Helen Herriot in the television adaptation of the James Herriot books, All Creatures Great and Small (1978–85), which led to her receiving the Variety Club Television Personality of the Year award in 1985. 


Carol Drinkwater's The Olive Farm

Carol has written many books including a number of children's books, the first of which, The Haunted School, was made into a Disney film. 

But her most famous books are The Olive series about her experience on her olive farm in Provence. Two of these books The Olive Farm and The Olive Route were made into documentary films in 2013. 

Carol said of her experience of buying the olive farm: "I’ve always had an adventurous streak. Only six months after meeting my husband (filmmaker Michel Noll) we decided to buy an abandoned olive farm in the South of France. I barely knew him and my parents were holding their heads in their hands. 30 years later the farm is thriving, it’s a beautiful home and Michel and I are still very much in love. "

Is Carol Drinkwater married? 

Yep. Carol is married to French TV producer Michel Noll, who in 1987 launched his own production house Quartier Latin specialising in Children's programs and Documentaries.


Does Carol Drinkwater have a daughter or son? 

No. Carol Drinkwater does not have any children but she us a step-mum to her husband Michel's two daughter. She recently told Yours, "When I was told by doctors that I wasn’t able to have children, I felt incomplete; less than a full woman. I’ve worked my way through that sadness and I realise I have other ways of being creative and nurturing, such as the land and my work."

Carol Drinkwater's mum

Carol recently told Yours: "My mother, Phyllis, died in February last year aged 91. She was my best friend and my guardian angel. My new book, The Lost Girl, features a character called Kurtiz who is searching for her missing daughter. She meets an elderly actress, Marguerite, in a café who becomes her sort of guardian angel. Without realising it straight away, my mother inspired the character of Marguerite. I feel Mummy is still with me, helping me every minute of the day. "