What's your dog's name? The answer could win you £100

What's your dog's name? The answer could win you £100

What's in a name? While quite a lot, actually. Which means taking the time to come up with a suitable name for our pets is, for many of us, considered a big responsibility.  And this year, the name most of us have been picking for our pooch that's been topping the list of most popular dog names is Max, closely followed by Jack and Daisy, with not a single traditional Rover or Rex even getting a look-in.

But online life insurance provider Beagle Street want to change all that, while letting you in with a chance of clinching an extra £100 this January.


For one month only, Beagle Street are asking you to change your dog's name to Jeremy to claim the cash (which we imagine most of us wouldn't say no to just after the Christmas expense!)

All you have to do is simply tweet that you’ll change their dog’s name using the hashtag #Jeremy by January 14 and you will be sent a £100 cash payment in return for your dog wearing a Jeremy labelled dog collar for a month.

The stunt has come about to raise the profile of a talking dog named Jeremy, who appears on the new TV ad from Beagle Street. Funnily enough, Jeremy is the brainchild of the same people who created the now famous Aleksandr the Meerkat.