How to win competitions

How to win competitions

Competitions give us the chance to walk away with anything from money to a box set, a food hamper, or even a luxury holiday with flights included. What’s not to love?
There are plenty of ways to enter competitions, whether it’s online, through the post, or over the phone, but you need to be competition savvy if you want the best chances
of being picked as a winner.

It’s important to check the rules and terms and conditions to make sure you’re eligible to enter and can actually use the prize if you’re lucky enough to win!
You can get started by entering Yours competitions, turn to page 119.

Here are our top tips on how to become professional comper…

  • Be picky

If a competition process is long, or requires a little more effort than just writing down your details, people are less likely to enter them. Competitions that ask you to write a poem, send in a photo or solve a tricky question, have fewer entries so you’ll have a better better chance of winning. Local competitions are also a good bet; try entering one in a local newspaper rather than a national one, as there are bound to be fewer entries, giving you better odds.

  • Get a comping phone

Many of us don’t enter competitions because we fear that by giving away our details we might leave ourselves open to being targeted by promoters. One of the best ways to combat this is getting a cheap pay-as-you-go Sim card that you can plug into your mobile phone. It will give you a specific number that you can use for entering competitions. This also works if you have an old number and still have the Sim. Make sure you check the number regularly, though!

  • Use online tools

Create a special email address just for competitions. It stops your personal inbox being flooded with spam and means that you don’t have to worry about missing that YOU ARE A WINNER email! Autofill and Autocomplete will save you time when entering competitions online. Both will automatically type your details into forms when you click on the required boxes, such as name, address, etc. If you’re not sure how to access Autofill and Autocomplete, visit for a step-by-step guide for your internet browser.

  • Don’t enter too much

Occasionally, people will be excluded from entering competitions more than once, so double-check the rules to ensure it’s not ‘one entry per household’. A lot of people forget to keep track of what they’ve entered, too, so write every competition down in a notebook or pop everything into a spreadsheet.

Stay safe

If  you’re worried that a competition might not be legitimate, check it has more than just an email address listed in the contact details. Also check that it doesn’t have a PO Box address.

  • Be careful if a competition asks you to verify your mobile number with a text because this can leave you open to being billed in the future. Avoid pay-to-enter contests, too, as it will take away from your overall winnings and is technically gambling.
  • If you’re entering competitions online, ensure you have a good anti-virus system in place. McAfee, Windows Defender and Avast are all well-known anti-virus protection to help keep you safe when browsing through competitions.

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