Don’t ditch it, fix it & save ££s

Last year, we each typically spent £89.38 replacing mendable items with kettles, crockery and umbrellas topping the unnecessarily thrown-away list.

Widespread wastage means we're pouring billions of pounds down the drain replacing broken items which we admit could be fixed, according to a findings by mouldable glue-brand, Sugru.

Money saving was the biggest motivation to mend

Only a third (33 per cent) of adults reported they were thrifty enough to make a conscious effort to fix things, rather than throw them away. Over a quarter (28 per cent) admitted to throwing away up to three household items last year that could have been repaired, with one in 10 even claiming to have discarded up to six salvageable items.

Astonishingly, Brits spent over £381million fixing smashed smartphone-screens last year, with one in six of those questioned saying they replaced a smashed screen at least once in 2015, footing an average bill of £44.82 each time.

Despite our apparent wasteful approach to our saveable items, three-quarters (75 per cent) of Brits said they wished they were more able to repair their broken items. Money saving was the biggest motivation to mend, with 89 per cent agreeing that they would like to fix items to avoid unnecessary spending replacing them. Three-quarters (77 per cent) said they would enjoy the problem-solving aspect to mending.

To encourage us to fix up, Sugru is running its Hands On campaign to help us all realise our practical potential. It's designed to help everyone unleash the huge potential at their fingertips, by highlighting the complex movements we all do with our hands on a daily basis and how those same movements can be used for practical skills to fix and improve everyday items. So why not give it a go!

Top 10 thrown-away items

  1.  Kettle 24%
  2.  Umbrella 21%
  3.  Crockery 18%
  4.  Charger Cable 16%
  5.  Mobile Phone 12%
  6.  Toys 11%
  7.  Suitcases/bags/sleeping bags/jackets with broken zips 11%
  8.  Toasters 9%
  9.  Washing machine 9%
  10.  Lamps 8%
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