Cash in the attic: Huntley & Palmers' biscuit tins

Huntley & Palmers is celebrated for its novelty biscuit tins and looking at this tin, it's clear why! The firm was founded in 1822 by Quakers, Thomas Huntley and George Palmer, and is still going strong today.

This 1930 tinplate 'Breakfast Biscuits' double decker (9.5in or 24.5cm long) is a particularly good example. Novelty forms are always sought after, but it's also clockwork and it's a bus! Transport themes are popular with collectors. Condition is also important to value.

Transport themes are popular with collectors

Many biscuit tins were used as toys or storage for keys, spare change and other bits and bobs and were consequently damaged over time. This means good examples are rare and sought after. 

Although this example is slightly worn, the majority of the printed design is still there - and what a wonderful printed design it is, right down to the faces of the commuters! It’s valued at £3,500 to £4,500.

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