Cash in the attic: Doris Lindner's horses

Doris Lindner (1896-1979) produced designs for Royal Worcester in 1931 and was part of the team of new modellers who helped turn the company around.

In 1935 she began producing her celebrated horse figurines, with the first limited edition being Princess Elizabeth on Tommy in 1948. Only 100 examples were produced and it is one of her most valuable and sought-after designs today, regularly fetching in excess of £3,000.

Princess Elizabeth on Tommy is one of her most valuable designs

Her limited edition range of horses peaked in the Sixties to Seventies, but remain collectable today.

Look for small-edition sizes, well known often Royal riders and elegant horses. Also try to ensure that the model is complete with the relevant paperwork, wooden stand and packaging as this will ensure the highest value.

This 1979 HRH Price Charles on Pans Folly is valued at £350-£450.

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