6 frequently asked heating questions answered!

6 frequently asked heating questions answered!

1. Should I heat my home with radiators or electric heaters?

When it comes to deciding between using radiators or electric heaters, the answer is simple: electric heaters are one of the most expensive forms of heating. In general, an efficient gas central-heating system is the cheapest to run, controlled through a thermostat and timer.

Leaving heating on low all day won't save money

 2. I'm going away for the weekend, do I leave the heating on?

With the temperature likely to drop over the next few months, setting your heating to come on for a short time every day even when you're not in the house should help to avoid any risk of pipes freezing and bursting. Read more on preventing a burst pipe.

3. I’ve left my heating on low all day because I’ve heard this is more efficient. Is this true?

This is a classic myth that catches many people out. As a general rule, leaving your heating on at a low temperature all day will not save you money in the long run. It's recommended to set a thermostat which turns your heat on and off when needed and at the right temperature for you.

4. Will I save money turning the hot water boiler on only when I need it?

It depends what water system you have. For gas or oil central heating systems, the answer is yes. Time your hot water to come on when you need it during the day. But if you have an electrical immersion-heater, it's cheaper to heat water during night, which will stay in your hot water tank, ready for use during the day.

5. My house is cold, should I turn the thermostat up high to heat it quicker?

The answer here is no. Your thermostat is there to turn the heating system on and off at a set time, so it doesn't actually affect the rate your house heats up. If you're struggling to heat your house quickly, try installing better insulation which will decrease the rate heat leaves your home. Read our guide to smart thermostats which you control from your smartphone and how you can get help with energy-efficiency improvements

6. Do I need thermostats for each radiator in my house?

Not necessarily every radiator, but as many controls as possible will allow you to be fully in charge of how your home is heated. Use a thermostat to control the heat in your main living space at the very least. But consider installing thermostatic radiator valves for rooms you spend less time in.

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