20 most common panics when leaving the house

20 most common panics when leaving the house

Leaving a window open, followed by leaving the heating on, the back or front door unlocked and a tap running top a poll of the most common worries when leaving our homes to go on holiday.

Panics about leaving the iron on, the tv on and the oven on also feature in the top 20, along with not setting the burglar alarm and not have organised anyone to water plants or feed pets.

The average homeowner experiences 24 panics a year

In fact, the average homeowner experiences 24 panics a year while leaving their property unoccupied, according to new research. And one in seven has actually set off but then turned the car around because the worry was too much.

Get your house in order

Nigel Fisher, spokesperson for Yale which commissioned the research, said: “Whenever we leave our homes empty it’s inevitable that we’ll worry about whether we’ve done all we can to ensure things are safe and secure.

“The list of worries will make familiar reading to many. Ensuring enough time to pack and go through your home admin to ensure all is in order will greatly add to peace of mind, while having the right security measures in place will allow you to rest easy on that sun lounger, rather than fretting about your property.”

As well as the fear of potentially damaging hazards or forgetting key items, over half (56 per cent) of holidaymakers worry about the security of their home while away. If away for a fortnight, the average person puts in four calls to neighbours or key-holders to check things are OK.

Don't put plans on Facebook!

Alarmingly, nearly one in ten feels they live in an unsafe area and confessed they do anything possible to put off potential break-ins. But that still doesn’t stop a third of people posting their travel and holiday plans on Facebook or tagging themselves at the airport.

“Make a checklist in order to feel confident your home will be ok, ask a neighbour or friend to keep an eye on your home and be mindful of Facebook status updates and advertising your itinerary,” says Nigel.

The survey revealed we also have our own rituals before leaving the house, including checking windows are shut, ensuring there's no food that will go off and calling out 'Goodbye' even if no one is there!

20 most common panics when leaving the house

  1.  I left a window open
  2.  I’ve left the heating on
  3.  I left the back door unlocked
  4.  I left the front door unlocked
  5.  I’ve left a tap running
  6.  I left the lights on
  7.  I left all the curtains open
  8.  I left my laptop/valuables in view of the window
  9. I haven’t sorted anyone to water the plants
  10. I left the oven on
  11. I left the shed unlocked
  12. I left the TV on
  13. I left the back gate open
  14. I forgot to lock the car
  15. I didn’t set the burglar alarm
  16. I left a spare key outside
  17. I haven’t sorted anyone to feed the pets
  18. I left the radio on
  19. I haven’t left the cat/dog door open
  20. I left the iron on.

Homeowner's ritual when going away

  1. Check every window is shut and locked
  2. Make sure the heating is turned off
  3. Make sure there’s no food that will go off
  4. Check every plug socket
  5. Scan every room in the house
  6. Generally tidy the house
  7. Set a burglar alarm
  8. Hide valuables in secret places
  9. Check all the light switches
  10. Open or close all the curtains
  11. Take out the bins
  12. Check the back gate is locked
  13. Move all valuables away from view of the windows
  14. Check the garage door is locked
  15. Make sure the shed is locked
  16. Make sure the plants are watered
  17. Set the alarm
  18. Empty the washing machine, dish washer and tumble dryer
  19. Check there are no spare keys outside in hiding places
  20. Call out ‘Goodbye’ as I leave the house, even if no one is in.
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