The importance of a funeral plan

We all want the best for our nearest and dearest – and that of course doesn’t stop when someone dies. Whether you’re concerned about what happens to your family when you’re no longer around or want to make sure you get the send-off you want when the time comes, it’s so important to think ahead and make a funeral plan.

Sadly every year thousands of people pass away without putting a funeral plan in place, or making their wishes known to their loved ones, meaning families can be left to make difficult decisions about what to do, on their own. And for the closest family and friends, the responsibility of making big decisions without the input of the person they loved can be overwhelming during what’s already  an upsetting time.

While nobody likes to think about it, there’s also the question of how your funeral will be paid for. Funeral costs are rising year on year and if there isn’t a funeral plan in place, the loved ones of the person who has died will be expected to find the money and pay for the funeral. With most people laid to rest no more than ten days after passing away, your family may not be able to get access to the estate to pay for the bill. Often this can sometimes be an expense the family hasn’t budgeted for and they may not be able to pay as much as they’d like to give their loved one the
send-off they’d want.
A funeral plan takes away this stress meaning the nearest and dearest of the person who has passed away can focus on organising the kind of send-off their relative or friend would have loved, without the worry of how to pay for it all at the end.

With our partner Avalon Funeral Plans, their pre-paid plan price is fixed so you’re protected from rising funeral costs. Some people also choose to take
out plans for their partner, their parents and even their children, taking care of their nearest and dearest and giving the gift of peace of mind for all the family.

 An Avalon Funeral Plan provides the funeral director’s services at no extra cost, meaning that’s one less thing for loved ones to think about when the time comes.

Avalon works with a large network of funeral directors across the UK that they know and trust. They will pass on all special wishes to the funeral director so that they know how you or your loved one wanted to celebrate their life, meaning no one has to second guess what the person would have wanted at what’s already an emotional time.

Thinking ahead

Whether you’re thinking about your own future, or that of a friend or relative, there are some key points to consider about what will happen once you, or they, are no longer around. And although such planning can sometimes be difficult or emotional, the sooner you make some plans and have the all-important discussions with your loved ones, the sooner everyone can concentrate on enjoying life together with the confidence that everything is sorted. Below are just a few of the key points to be considered:

  • Who will pay for the funeral? If you’d like to be the one who pays for your last send-off, the best way to do this is with a  pre-paid funeral plan. Remember, you don’t have to pay for the funeral plan all in one go if that doesn’t work for you. You could simply pay a small amount towards it in monthly instalments over a fixed term. 
  • What needs to be done when someone passes away? From registering the death to arranging the funeral, there are a few things you have to do when someone dies. Thinking through these steps – or at least being aware of them in advance – can make things easier when the time comes.
  • What kind of funeral do they or I want? Your funeral is an opportunity to let your loved ones celebrate your life. For that to happen, families and friends need to discuss last wishes at the earliest opportunity. 

To find out more request our free guide to Pre-Paid Funeral Plans. 

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