Everything you need to know about prepaid funeral plans

Everything you need to know about prepaid funeral plans

Whatever you need to know about prepaid funeral plans, we have the answers with help from our Yours Recommends partner Avalon. 


What is a prepaid funeral plan?

In a nutshell, it’s a way of paying the costs of your funeral while you’re still alive, and making various plans to make sure your last wishes are known. You can buy them from a funeral plan provider and make all the decisions now, so when the time comes your family won’t need to be involved with the money or admin side of things.

How does a prepaid funeral work?

Funeral plans tend to cover the costs of transport, coffin, burial or cremation fees, care of the body and a funeral director. You’ll pay a lump sum or an agreed amount on a monthly basis, a bit like paying for life insurance or a mortgage. It’s worth noting that extras such as catering and flowers aren’t usually included so it’s worth making a note of anything you’d like your family to know.

How do I plan my own funeral?

Contact a funeral plan provider, such as Avalon, and talk to their advisors who can help you through the whole process, step by step.

What’s the cost of an average funeral?

Funerals are more expensive than you might imagine. We were shocked to find out that the average cost of a basic funeral is around £5,000 according to Money Saving Expert.

Are funeral plans worth it?

Obviously, this is a choice that only you can make, but there are certainly many advantages to putting a prepaid funeral plan in place. For one thing, you’ll know that your family and friends won’t need to worry about the costs and general paperwork involved in paying for your funeral, so it’s one thing off their minds at a difficult time.

It also means that you can make many choices about how you’d like people to say goodbye to you, and it’s an excellent way to make your last wishes known and spend some time thinking about it and communicating your wishes. From your final resting place, to the music you’d like played, and even if you’d like guests to wear bright colours or do anything else that’s special and unique.

One further advantage is that you’ll receive what was agreed at the time of purchase, meaning your family could save money if prices rise.

What are funeral plan costs and expenses?

They vary depending on what you require but tend to be around the £3,000 mark for a basic package, up to £4,500 for a more elaborate option. Costs include the coffin, procession route, burial or cremation fee, transportation, and occasionally bereavement support for your family.


Are there funeral plans for couples?

Yes, there are options available for joint funeral plans, which essentially means that whoever passes away first has the pre-paid funeral you both planned for. The surviving partner can then create a new plan if they wish to.

Are there funeral plans for over 50s?

Yes, there are plans for different ages.

Are there funeral plans for under 50s?

Yes, there are. Some companies charge a premium for planning a funeral before you’re aged 50, but many don’t.

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